Friday, July 27, 2007

James 35th Birthday

Happy Birthday James!!!!!

Here is Cassie being Dorky!!! James wanted me to pretend I was eating his ice cream--so this is my "dramatic" version of eating his Ice Cream cone! Love this pic!! NOT!
We celebrated James' Birthday last night with the Wallen's at the new ice cream shop downtown called Discovery Ice Cream. It was really cool. The kids were able to make what Ice Cream they wanted in a large robot. Nicole has this deal with really cute small things. . and she absolutely loved this "little spoon" She is a clepto, and took a few to take home for her collection!!!
Cade was very proud of his ice cream that he created by himself!!! Very Cool Cade!!! He is such a cutie. . . Gotta love that cute little face!!!
Watching Ian make his Ice Cream --- We just picked Ian up from Children's Camp so we were so glad to get him home with us!!! We missed you Ian!!!

It was really neat. Nicole got James a T-shirt from Pal's that he really wanted (and had been unable to find) So he was really happy with his t-shirt!! Thanks Nicole!!

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