Monday, August 27, 2007

Our 13 year Anniversary

James and I celebrated our 13 year anniversary this past weekend at Oak Haven Resort in Pigeon Forge. We thought about taking a bigger trip, but for those of you who know us--We need a roof on our garage. . . So we opted for that. . . Here are a few pics of our cabin. . and we used the camera remote to do some pics of us. . .We had a great time. . but missed our kids. . and were glad to get home to them. .

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Macey's Swimming Party

Macey celebrated her birthday a month early this year. . .She wanted a swimming party, and the weather is sometimes questionable during the last week of September. . .so we had the party Saturday. She had a great time. .Lots of her friends came and they loved swimming and playing together. We thank Mamaw and Papaw Horne for opening up their home for us to have Macey's party there. She loved her presents also. . .She got 3 Webkins, LOTS on High School Musical, and Hannah Montana stuff. . . and Justice Gift Cards!!!! We also had homemade hot fudge cake instead of traditional birthday cake. . . Thanks to Mamaw Horne!! It was So good too!!! I think it was a hit. What better gifts to give an 8 year old???? =) Thanks everyone for making her party such a success. She said it was the BEST party she has ever had!! Love you guys.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Eating Classroom

Cade got in the car today after Pre-school. . He said "Tiffany got in trouble today and had to sit in the no-fun chair" I said "Really? What did she do?" He said "She was acting silly in the eating classroom". I laughed to myself. .that is what he thinks the lunchroom is called--The Eating Classroom. . .I asked him what he was doing when she got in trouble. . and he said, "Eating of course mommy!" Just thought this was worth sharing. . . .

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

High School Musical 2

Macey, Cade and I went to the Clymen's house for a High School Musical 2 party on Friday night. The girls were so excited about the movie. . They had pizza, popcorn, and snacks. . The movie was AWESOME!! The girls loved it. . .and I have to say . . I loved it too. . I think it was as good if not better than the first!! I even think the boys that were there enjoyed the movie too. . right Cade? Jayme's nephew and Noah took right up with Mr. Cade and he had himself a great time with the "big boys". . . Thanks Jayme for a great party!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ian's Birthday

Ian celebrated his birthday last weekend with his friends. . but today is his actual birthday. . He turned 10 today at 6:16pm. . .We took him shopping for his gifts and he wanted to eat at Texas Roadhouse. He wanted an 8 0z. steak!!! And ate the entire thing!!! He was so full--he didn't want any of the chocolate sunday that they brought him for his birthday. . . I just wanted a picture of him "acting like" he was enjoying the ice cream. . this is what I got. . . So, we let Macey have the sunday. . and she didn't have any problem giving me a happy face while eating it. . . She is the ice cream lover in the family=)We bought most of his gifts at his favorite store EVER---Hibbett. He wanted Under Armor shirts and socks. . . You know your boy is growing up when he asks for socks for his birthday!!!!=) We had a great day today. .Love you Ian!! This was our attempt of getting of pic of James and I ONLY with Ian. . . since it was his birthday. . .anyway . . .as you can see. . .Mr. Cade wouldn't have it!!!! Ha ha

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cade's First Day of School

Cade was a little apprehensive this morning when I got him up to get ready for his first day of preschool. . .but with a little "cheering up" he was ready to go. Ian and Macey helped me so much by telling him how much fun he was going to have, and what all he would get to do. By the time we got into the van, he was smiling from ear to ear. . . One of the things about Preschool at Jefferson is the drop off. We are not allowed to get out and take him in to the class. Mrs. Fuller comes to the car, and gets him. I was afraid that this would be hard for him. But when he saw Mrs. Fuller, he undid his seatbelt and hopped right out of the car!!! He carried his bookbag(which he gets to paint today) and his school supplies like a little man! He told me he could carry both of them because "he was strong". . . I am so proud of him. . .and Ian and Macey too. . because they were so good at encouraging him this morning. . I can't wait to pick him up to see what a great day he had. . . .Mrs. Fuller handed me a little kleenex package that had a poem attatched to it. . .this is what it said

"Leaving your child is hard to do.
It's something we want to help you through.
Here are some tissues for your tears.
Also, let them wipe away your fears.
Be assured, we'll give your child care and love.
We've asked for help from God above."

Mrs. Fuller and Mrs. Kerns

Didn't cry until I read that, and it pushed me over the edge!!! She is so thoughtful. . .I wouldn't send Cade to preschool 5 days a week with any other teacher!!! Thank you Lord for an easy transition this morning. .God is good. =)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cade is so sweet

Today Cade was watching Animal Planet and the Crocodile Hunter was on. He remembered that we talked about him dying while we were at the Sting Ray pool at Sea World. He said "Is he in Heaven Mommy?" I told him that if he had Jesus in his heart he was in Heaven. He was really quiet for a few minutes and he came and sat on my lap and said , "Mommy, I prayed to Jesus for him, and told him I hope he was in his(Steve Erwin) heart". So Sweet. Cade has been asking lots of questions lately about Jesus being in his heart, if he will "feel" him when he is there, and if he will be able to "hear" him in his heart? The Faith of a child is so real. . .Just thought I would share. . .

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Cade was so excited about his home visit today from his preschool teachers. . .Mrs. Fuller and Mrs. Kerns came to our house today to meet with Cade. They brought their friend, Hermie, the hermit crab and Fuzzy Bear to meet Mr. Cade. Cade was very shy at first. . he didn't really talk very much. He just smiled alot and those of you who know him well, know the way he does his mouth when he is nervous. =) But it didn't take him long to warm up to them, and start telling them about his vacation this summer, and went and showed his turtles to them!!!! Mrs. Fuller introduced Hermie the crab to Cade. In his preschool class this year the students get to take turns feeding him. Cade is excited about his turn to feed the class crab!!!!
This is Fuzzy Bear. . . Mrs. Fuller explained to Cade that Fuzzy Bear gets to come home with him and spend the night with our family for 2 nights this school year. Then we will write in his journal what we did with Fuzzy. Cade is giving him some hugs!! Who knows??? We might take Fuzzy Bear to a football game or to get some ice cream at McDonald's!!!!
I still can't believe that my little boy is big enough to go to preschool. Say a BIG prayer for me on Friday. . .because I think I will be the one having a tough time with this . . . not Cade!!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

First Day of School

Ian and Macey started school today. Ian is in the 5th grade and his teachers are Mrs. Guillon and Mrs. Carroll. He was really happy with his teachers. They are team teachers, and he will have one for part of his classes and the other for the rest. I think this will be really good for Ian because it will help him get ready for middle school.

Macey got Mrs. Keyes. She is new at Jefferson this year. She graduated from college last year, and is so sweet. Macey loves her. The only thing Macey isn't happy about this year is that her class is in the modular unit in the back of the school. She was a little unsure about this, but when I picked her up this evening. . .she was good!

It is hard to believe that school has already started. .My kids are growing up too fast!!! Mr. Cade starts school on Friday. . . That will be a very difficult day for mommy =(

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ian's 10th Birthday

Ian had his "Best Buds" over for a sleepover to celebrate his 10th birthday. Hunter Hite, Tyler and Tanner Holt, and Alex White came over and we took them all to see UnderDog. After the movie everyone came home and had pizza, and then went outside to play kick the can until midnite. . . The kids had a blast playing outside with flashlights. . .even my biggest kid, James. . . He almost injured Ian and Cade though. . .At least it was our own kids instead of anyone else's.

Ian Cheesing for a picture right before we cut into the Cookie Cake. . .
The whole gang with their cool Head flashlights that James got the kids when we went to the beach. They were crab hunting flashlights!! Yeah, I know, CRAZY!! James is funny that way!! The kids thought they were really cool though. . .and they worked great for the game.
Alex, Ian, Tanner and Tyler sitting at the table eating breakfast. . . Everyone had a great time. . They are getting ready to go outside and pass some football one more time. . . School starts Monday, so they will all see each other lots more in the next few weeks. . . Thanks guys for making Ian's birthday one of the BEST!!!! Happy Birthday Ian!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Macey's Basketball Camp

Macey attended Sunnyside's Basketball Camp this week. . . to all or our surprise. Any of you that know Macey, she typically isn't the most athletic child in our home. . . But she impressed all of this week by choosing to attend Basketball camp. Ian didn't want to go, because of all of the running he has been doing the past 3 weeks, so Macey took this one on all by herself!!!!

Here she is getting out of the van wearing her t-shirt that she won!!! She has had a Great Week!!!!

This was her team, that came in first place during the games portion of the camp. Coach Warren announced the team as the first place team, and said they won because of their "7 foot Center" ---Macey Allen. . . . We all laughed, considering Macey is the shortest one there!!!!!! She giggled and went up to recieve her award. . .and then she got the award for Best Sportmanship also. . .She had a great week, and enjoyed all of the "attention" she got for being so little!!! =)