Friday, June 29, 2007

Myrtle Beach

We went to Myrtle Beach with our good friends, The Hites. We planned this trip--kind of --spur of the moment. We stayed at The Boardwalk, room 1231, it was nice but a little cramped on space. Who cares though? As long as I have someplace to sleep, Diet Coke, and Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches, And LOTS of SUN! Which we had! We had a great time playing on the beach. The kids loved playing paddle ball, two hand touch football. Cade and Walker were really good football players! Even Emmy and Mace got in on the fun!!

We had some really great seafood at Crabby Mike's. . I almost had a stroke over the ticket though!! $107.00 !!!! It was worth it though--Ian loved the crab legs--and so did Kevin! We went to Broadway at the Beach one evening, went to see Ratatoullie, Nascar Speedpark, and Kirk's Ice Cream Parlor. . .Just a few of the highlights of our trip. . .

When I vacation, I journal in a Vacation journal. . .how convenient. . . . hmmm??? Anyway. . I always jot down things in the journal and here are a few of the things I put down. . This blogging thing is new to me. . I have always written things down, just never on the computer. . : )

-Grocery Shopping at Wal-mart with "Our List"

-The very high 12th floor balcony

-The boys and me saying "Hubba Hubba--Eh?" ( Like the Holt's Grandpa)

-Our "AWESOME" Photo Shoot

-Cade and Walker playing football with the Big Boys--Too cute!!

-Staying up talking until the wee hours of the morning

-Ratatoullie (Digital)

-Dropping Cade's brand new MP3 player into the swimming pool!! Believe it or not, Thanks to Kevin's advise about drying it out in the car--working good as new. . .

-RJ--Cade's rubber frog he bought

-Talking with the Boston accent

-Kevin sunscreening his tattoo--doesn't want it to fade

-"Do I look red?"

-Mysterious pizza coupons keep appearing in our door--Christy says" Stop it!!!!!"

-Cade and Walker loved Nascar Speedpark--Too cute

-Ice Cream at Kirk's

-Macey scraping her nose on the bottom of the pool! Ouch!

-We had a blast and hated to have go home so soon!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jason Witten Football Camp

This is Ian's 3rd year going to the Jason Witten Football Camp. He went with his Best Friends this year and they all had a BLAST!! They play on the same football team also, so hopefully they learned some great skills that will help them this season!!!

Here is a pic of the boys in their Jason Witten t-shirts. . .
My personal favorite. . .Tony Romo. . . I think he is just Too Cute!!Check out those dimples!!
UT's quarterback, Eric Ainge. . . .
Ryan Fowler stopped to get a pic taken with the boys. . .

And of course Jason Witten. . I have taken so many pics of him for James that I felt like I was a Paparazzi member. . .Now I know how it would feel. . .=)Ian, Hunter, Tyler and Tanner went together. Christy and I rode together, and James and Granpa rode in the van with all of the boys.. . .They had a great time. . .Learned some football skills, and also got to see some famous football players, and get lots of autographs. . .I scrapbooked a few of the pics from the camp. . .Thought I would share them.