Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chonda Pierce

A group of us from work went to see Chonda Pierce in Bristol. We had a GREAT time!! Chonda was Awesome!! She had alot of things to say that I needed to hear. And just good fellowship with good friends was just what I needed!!!! I am so thankful for the ladies that I work with. There was 10 of us that went together. Not many women are lucky enough to work with this many Christian women. Thanks for a great "Ladies Night". . .Can't wait for the next one!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Cell Phone Pics

We went to the DB football game tonight and didn't want to take my camera. . .So these are some pics I took with my cool cell phone. . .got home and emailed them to myself from my phone!!! SO COOL!!!! They are funny pics. . .Christy and I taking a pic of ourselves. .. Cade was being silly. . He loved hanging out with Emily and her friend. . Macey is gone with Mamaw and Papaw Horne. . . for her bday weekend in Pigeon Forge. . .So he felt like he was lonely without her. . Emily was his stand in Sissy for tonight. . . . James is laughing because they can see their pic on the front of my camera. . .and it looks like Kevin has a light bulb over his head. . .He said he was "thinking Arby's" . . I think everyone was hungry. DB won 48-14!! Go Indians!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Macey's 8th Birthday

Macey celebrated her 8th birthday today. We went to O'Charleys(her favorite restaurant--because of the rolls). . . Our waitress brought Macey a caramel pie with ice cream. . . It was YUMMY!!! But I think she still liked the rolls better ; )and then we went to the mall. . . She got a new Vera Bradley, a chocolate brown lab Webkinz, and a shirt that she wanted from Hibbett. . . She had a great time tonight. Here is a shot of Mace with her brothers. She is all girl. . .LOVES to shop. . . Then we came home and she opened her gifts. . She got the High School Musical Barbies, clothes, and a Cow Webkinz. We love you Precious Angel!!! You are growing up too fast!!! WE LOVE YOU MACEY!Cade wanted to take his turn behind the camera, so he took this one. . . . He must take after his mommy. . .He is a good photographer!!!!

Cade's First Field Trip--The Exchange Place

Cade went on his first field trip today. He got to ride a bus like a BIG boy! He was so excited about riding the bus. . . he didn't even realize what he was going to get to actually do on his field trip. They got to meet 2 horses, Chance and Princess. Chance was the small brown horse, and Princess was the work horse. Cade loved this part of the program. The lady that did the speaking during this part of the program was SO funny. She kept the kids attetion so well. . . Then the kids got to go and see the sheep. These sheep were the wildest sheep! They were running all over the place. The lady caught one and taught the kids about shearing sheep. Then each child got to feed the sheep right out of their hands. . . It scared Cade to death. . It was funny. . . Then they got to ride on the wagon being pulled by the tractor and ride all over the farm. They got to see pigs, chickens, and lots of corn, and hay. They had lots of fun. They ate their lunches under a shelter, and then Mommy had to leave. I worked nights last night and didn't get much sleep today at all. . . Cade had so much fun today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Funny One Liners

-"Mommy, I want to be a wer-wer wolf for Halloween! (translation=werewolf)--Cade
-"Ian is a real speeder! I want to be a speeder too when I get big!"(translation=Ian is fast)-Cade
-"I am going to name my new Webkinz--Clifford, The Big Brown Monkey!"-you guessed it-Cade

Who knew the scanner could be so much fun?

Mrs. Fuller sent home some pics that she printed on paper of Cade's first day of school. I wanted to save these memories without the paper yellowing, or fading--so I have learned to use my scanner. . . Just call me 'gadget girl'!! And I love it!! I have been scanning art work, pics, ect. . . Fun! Fun! Fun! I know, I know, get a life!! Ha ha ha. . . Anyway, besides the pure joy I have had scanning everything in the house--I am preserving memories of Mr. Cade's Pre-K Journey. . . I guess you realize there will probably many more of these to come. . . ; ) Isn't this adorable!!!!???? Cade drew himself, and then the pic is of him carrying his tray to his seat in the lunchroom. . .The story behind this pic, is that James and I were at the Pre-K orientation, and Amy( Mrs. Fuller) started talking about the children carrying their trays to their seats, ect. and James and I both started crying. . . Amy told us she would take a pic of his "first tray carrying experience". . . and so she did. . Thanks Amy!!! Here is Cade all smiles with his puppets!!! Our little man is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Banner

You know that you have a problem with Photoshop when you are SO excited over making a blog banner!!! I researched and found the right sizes, and have been working for the past 2 hours!!! Believe it or not. . . making the PERFECT banner for my blog site. . . Ask James--he is sitting here beside me watching his Dallas game on Tivo. . . Anyway. .I am so proud of my work. . . even if I do say so myself!! Hee hee. . .Now to work on a new banner for my Still Moments Photography site. . . =) I wanted my blogs to be unique. And now they are !!! Yippee!! I know--I know--It doesn't take very much to make me happy!!! Photoshop, new shoes, and my laptop. . . Have a good night. Here is a scrapbook page I created with both of them on it. . . Love it!

Last Night of Oz

Macey had her last performance of The Wizard of Oz on Sunday. Her teacher, Miss Keys came on Saturday and that made Macey's day!! Mamaw and Papaw Allen also came, wheelchair and all. Mamaw Allen was so pround of Miss Mace!!! Mamaw Horne came on Sunday afternoon--I don't have a pic of her to post yet, because it is in Heather's camera. . . if it ever gets out!!! Just kidding with you Heather!! Thanks so much for taking a few pics for me!!! Love ya girl!!! Well, we have this play behind us, only to audition next week for the Best Christmas Pageant Ever!!!! Can't wait!!! =) Just call me a theatre junkie!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Scrapbook pages

I have had a few days where I could work on some scrapbooking . . . just thought I would post a few. . .thanks for the "telephone" lesson Kristie. . . love ya. . . especially for the "Grandma's Pudding"--perfect for Papaw's pics. . . This picture is from Ian's football season last year. . . I am so bad. . not done anything with them until this year . . Oh well . This is Ian and Hunter, and I loved this shot. . . Cute layout too!!!Cade had Grandparent's day at school last week and this was the craft that he made with Mamaw and Papaw. . . I scanned it, and put it onto the scrapbook page. . .Once again, thanks Kristie for giving me the idea to scan it. . . I thought this one was really cute too. . . This scrapbooking thing is really addictive. . .I can't seem to get away from my 'puter (as Cade says)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wildcats Football

We had our first football game last night against the Lynn Garden Lynxes. Go Wildcats!!!!The boys played an awesome game! Ian and Hunter both had some great runs, and the team as a whole just has improved so much over the past few years. We won 24-7, and the boys were all pumped up after the game!!! Great game guys!! Football is the sport of choice around the Allen household, so I guess our season has now officially begun =) I better not forget to say "Great coaching job, Coach Allen!!" =) Here are a few pics of some serious Wildcat fans!!! Ian Allen's number 1 fan--Macey Allen!!Ian Allen and Hunter Hite's fan club!!! Cade Allen and Walker HIte!! enjoying a sucker during the game!! They are so good together, and had a great time just talking and watching the game.

Martha is holding Walker, and Christy's Daddy is watching the game also!!! They acted as if they didn't know I was taking this pic, but they did. .More of Hunter's fan base. . .Nicole--Davis Carter's number one fan!!!! Go Davis!!Here is Miss Rylee. . .who decided she wanted to go with me tonight. . . which absolutely made my day. . . I had to do some sign-ups for parents, but Rylee wanted me to hold her. . .=)She is such a sweetie. . . already a football fan, and only 2 years old. . . =)

Cade's first homework assignment

Cade had his first homework assignment in Pre-school this weekend. He had to draw each member of his family on an apple, and then cut the apples out and place them in a ziploc bag. He did really well drawing his family. He is artistic like his mommy =) and we were amazed at how well he cut them out! Macey and Ian loved watching him "do his homework" and kept bragging on what a Big boy he was. Cade was all smiles!! Did a scrapbook page for this one. . .

Saturday, September 15, 2007

An Awesome Show

I love this picture of the boys. . . They were both looking forward to tonight's show. They sat together and watched the entire thing. . . Cade loves The Wizard of Oz. Ian took this picture of me and James. . .. Here are our friends, The Harrells. . . Heather and I take on this Theatre thing together alot of the time. . .We have 2 "drama queens" for daughters. . . =)
Here is "MunchkinLand". . Macey is doing her singing and dancing. . . Too cute. . .That is Dorothy in the right of the picture. I will upload All 172 play pics I took to ofoto. . and send it to those of you who are interested. . .Those of you who know me, know I tend to go a little overboard on the picture taking. . . We were not "allowed" to take pictures during the performances--so this are what I got by sneaking and doing it. . . Not too shabby. . . =) This is Oz, when Oz was getting ready to take Dorothy home in a hot air balloon. . .
Here is Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorothy, and Lion when he is singing about C-O-U-R-A-G-E. . .. Here is Miss Mace coming off of the stage after the curtain call. . .We all headed out to see her and wish her a Big Congrats on an AWESOME performance!!!!! Love you girl!!! Three more performances next weekend and then it will be "a wrap". . . .until the next auditions. . . .

Friday, September 14, 2007

Opening Night

Tonight was opening night for The Wizard of Oz. Macey was so excited. She looked adorable in her munchkin costume. Here she is with her friend, Danielle. . .before the show. . .They don't look like they have an ounce of stage fright between them!! I think they are both naturals!!! Break a leg girls!!!!Check out the gold pointed toed munchkin shoes!!!!! You look adorable Mace!! You are the cutest munchkin I have ever seen!!! "Ding Dong--The Witch is Dead. . . . " Hee hee =) James and I plan on going tomorrow night. Cade is so looking forward to seeing the entire play. We have seen bits and pieces of it during the practices, but this will be the first time we have seen the whole thing. I plan on taking my camera and getting some good pics. It's been a VERY long day. . . Only 3 hours of sleep today (after working 2 night shifts) and two parent teacher conferences later--It is time for bed.