Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Performance a HUGE Success!

The kids had their first performance this morning of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever. . . It was a full house! We are going to be showing this show to 1100 children this week during the morning school performances! Unbelievable!! All 3 of the kids had a blast. . .I let them sleep in this morning. . until 7:30 (which is sleeping in for them!) Espcially Ian , (otherwise known as Ollie Heardman. . . . I have to say--he looks tough, doesn't he? What happened to my babies? I have shed a few tears today. . .All 3 of them on the stage. . .I don't have a baby anymore. . .)Ian, who has to be at school by 7 every morning for tutoring. . . I woke them up and took them all out for a special breakfast with mom. . . It was a "Break a Leg" breakfast. . . and not break your leg--in a "Heardman" sort of way. . .(If you don't know this story--come see the play-You will get it then) The kids were so excited. . The first performance is always a great one because you get to see all of the kids hard work, time, and patience put into the show all come together. . .Great Job Cast!!!! Here are a few pics that I took during the show today. . .Everyone laughed over Cade saying "Baa!" He was so cute. . .I have to say Cade thouroughly enjoyed himself. . .He baa'd louder than any sheep I have ever heard. ..I think he was the cutest sheep too!!!! I think we have another Theatre Junkie. . He already said "when is the next play mommy?" My baby is growing up. . . (shed a tear) Macey doesn't have a speaking part this year, and it has really been difficult for her. She wants to do this probably more than the boys. It is her dream to be an actress, and she was really down hearted this year. I told her "There are no small parts, only small actors" (another line from the play) Macey does a wonderful job keeping a smile on that beautiful face of her. She wanted to quit in the beginning because she didn't get the role she wanted, but I think she has a wonderful christian attitude. We have talked alot about this, and how you have to work your way up--to get the BIG roles. . . So she has taken her role of baby angel and enjoyed it! She has gotten to spend alot of time with Cade--and he looks up to her so much. He thinks Sissy is his second mommy. . . I know Macey is a blog reader, because she wants to read my blog everyday to see what I have put on it. . So Mace--this is for you. . .You are my superstar. . .I love you more than you will ever know. .And I have a question for you. . . Can I get your autograph now--because to me you are the STAR of the show. ..Love you. . .

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