Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wildcats Vs. Raiders

We played the Undefeated Raiders last night and lost to them 12-6 in overtime!!!It was freezing, but no one seemed to notice due to the excitement of the game!! Bundled up in our Wildcat gear, tobaggans, gloves, blankets, ect. No one could even sit down to watch the game-everyone stayed on their feet!!!! Our boys played their hardest. . and we were ahead until the last 5 minutes of the game!!! Can you believe that??? The Raiders have some big guys, but that didn't stop the Wildcats--our defense played so good. . .we held them back the entire game until the 4th quarter. . .where they scored and tied the game 6-6. . . Missed the field goal--and the game went into OT!! Our parents were so pumped up with air horns, and everyone cheering them on at the top of their lungs!!!! The way OT works is each team gets a chance to score--if one does and the other doesn't--end of game. This can go on up to 3 times. . . Results--we got the ball first and they held us. . No score. They got the ball, and got a touchdown. . . so they won--12-6. Our boys have no reason to hang their heads--They were so tough, and played AWESOME!! It isn't over yet though. . .We play the Raiders again on Saturday for the Championship. . . So we will show them how to play some WILDCAT football!!!!! Go Wildcats!!!!

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