Saturday, January 5, 2008

Date Night

Last night James and I had a "Date Night" without kids. . . I love my kids, but every once in a while it is good for us to get a night out. So last night we went out with our friends, Kevin and Christy. We had such a great time. . . We really are pretty boring though. . .hee hee...It just doesn't take much for me to have fun!! We were going to go and eat at Olive Garden and the wait time was an hour, so we opted for Ruby Tuesday's (who have the best salad bar in THE WORLD, Right Lisa!) As we were leaving a couple of elderly ladies plowed over the curb in the Olive Garden parking lot. . .James, the gentleman that he is, thought he could push their car back over the curb. . .but realized very quickly that their tire wasn't even touching the ground. We told James to make sure they were in reverse before he attempted to help them . . .afraid they might plow over James : ) He asked them if they had AAA, and told them he would call them. You have to love James-he just wants to help everyone!!!We laughed our heads off over that one. . .I also learned about Atlas. . .The strong man on the trophy holding the globe over his head. . .The ladies wished for Atlas instead of James. . . Anyway, we made our way to Ruby Tuesday and we enjoyed just sitting there talking and catching up. Then we really didn't have a plan. . .We drove by the theatre's but there wasn't a movie that we wanted to see. . .Kevin wanted to see National Treasure,but we had all already seen it. . Sorry Kevin!! We still love you. . . : ) So we decided to drive back towards Kingsport, and get dessert. . .So we stopped at Perkin's and the guys got dessert and we had coffee. . .You know you are getting old, when you have a night out on the town and you end up going to 2 restauraunts!!! But we had a great time with good friends. . .It is nice to be able to sit and talk without saying , "sit down, stop it, quit fighting" or just having to get up a couple of times to take someone to the bathroom. . . meaning Cade. . . : ) We had a great time. . .Thanks guys for a great "date night". . .

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