Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fun Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend. . .We didn't do anything really "extravagant". . but we had great fun with friends. Friday night we went out to eat as a family, and then Ian was wanting to get him some new tennis shoes with his Christmas money. So we went shoe shopping for him. Then we just came home and watched some television. I love to just spend time together as a family with nothing to do. We go, go, go so much that it is just nice to sit at home and do nothing every once in a while.

Saturday was another story all together. We weren't home all day long. Upward Basketball started at our church this weekend. . .and Ian and Macey are both playing and they play at different times. So it takes up a good portion of our day. . . I have coached for 3 years, and this is the first year that I have chosed not to coach. I helped coach basketball one year, and then cheerleading the other 2 years. It was nice yesterday to just be able to sit and watch the games. . .and take pictures : ) A couple of people said I should be the official Upward Photographer. . . I laughed. . .and said that I wouldn't mind that at all. . . : ) Here are a couple of my favorite shots of Ian in action. . . Ian really played a good game. . .The only thing that stood out about his game, was his asthma attack. He has exercised induced asthma, and hadn't actually had an attack in quite a while. The game was almost over and he was getting ready to throw the ball in. . . I thought he was acting a little funny, very pale, white around his mouth. . .and then he went down. . . He almost passed out. . .He said that he saw stars and was really hot, and unable to breath. And guess where his inhaler was??? You guessed it!!! At home!! I am not kidding. . .He was ok, but I think we learned a lesson. . . to make sure we have the inhaler ALL the time!!! And now here are a couple of pics of the Allen children's fan club. . . Me and Papaw Horne. . . Cade and Mamaw HorneDaddy and Macey. . .This is the first year Macey has actually played basketball. She cheered for 2 years. . . and believe it or not She LOVES to play ball. . . She is still learning and has alot to learn about the game. . . but she did pretty good yesterday. . .She is a little timid. . .not very agressive, but she went after the ball, and did some good guarding. . . .I was proud of her. She seems to be really enjoying it. I did a scrapbook page of Macey's First Basketball game. . . thought it turned out pretty good. . . After the game we came home for a little while, and changed clothes to get ready to go to Duffer and Nicole's new apartment. They invited us over to spend some time with them. . since we don't get to very much anymore. We didn't do anything but sit, talk, eat pizza, and watch some football. . . but it was fun. . .I love to catch up with friends, and just spend quality time talking : ) Duffer and I rewound a commercial 15 times or so to attempt to read what the new appetizer was for T.G.I. Fridays. . . and when we finally figured out what it said on the screen, you would have thought we won a ball game!! We were so excited! You know you are getting old, when you rewind commercials--just for the point of doing so. . . : ) Hee hee. . .Thanks guys for having us over. . .We love you!! We love your new apartment. . It is really nice. . . You will have to ask Nicole about the "trussels" that we are putting up in our garage. . .It is the newest thing for roofs!!! Hilarious!

Today was a typical Sunday. . We went to church, to eat, and then home to watch football. . .Are you seeing a pattern with the football watching??? That is just about all we do around here during football season. . . The kids played with Milly, and we layed around and did nothing. . .We went back to church tonight, and then came home to watch the Dallas vs. Giants game. The kick off was at 4:30( when James' deacon's meeting started) So we Tivo'ed it. I had put a turkey breast in the crock pot this morning and it was ready to eat. So, after church tonight, we invited the Hite's over to watch the Dallas Game and eat dinner with us. We had a great time and the food was so good. . I fixed the Turkey, dressing, corn, and mashed potatoes. James and I are all about quick food preparation, so we fix instant potatoes. . .Kevin and Christy either one have ever had instant potatoes, until now. And they liked them! Yeah! Everyone kept saying How good the food was. . .Just call me Betty Crocker. . . : ) Made me feel good to share my turkey with good friends. . .Hee hee. . . Anyway the story about the food is much better than the ball game. . Because the Cowboys lost. : ( They are now out of the playoffs. . Which made all of the men in my family very sad. Ian was almost in tears, and James was just plain aggravated with the game. . .We still love you Tony Romo. . . Super Bowl bound or not!! Love his dimples. . I know, I know, I am crazy. . . Oh well. . . Back to the routine in the morning. . Hope everyone had a great weekend. . .Good night. . .


Nicole said...

i seriously didn't mean to imply that you guys were lame! :o( sorry! besides who else would i want to sit and watch a commercial being rewound 20 times???? love ya

Kristie said...

Love you,