Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kid's say the Funniest Things

I have had good intentions of blogging a few things that the kids have said over the holiday break. . .and just have never gotten around to it. . . I know my family loves to hear about the funny things they come up with. . .so here are a few of them. . .

Ian got a Wii for Christmas, and the most popular game for the kids is the golf game. Cade is the best at it. He wins every time they play. So Ian's ultimate goal is to beat him. The other night they were playing and Ian went ahead (for just a few minutes). It was Cade's turn to putt, and he had a great swing and the ball went right into the hole. He said, "Yeah, Baby! Who is the Boss of the King now?" I had never heard him say this before, and we were all laughing hysterically. . . I asked him to say it again, and he did exactly that. . . So this is our new saying at the Allen House, "Who is the Boss of the King now?"

Another one from Mr. Cade. The other night I asked him to put something in the trash. He went into the kitchen and returned quickly saying, "I can't put anything in the trash-Our trash can is a-floatin' " Not knowing exactly what he meant by that, I asked him, and he took me by the hand, and showed me the trash can. . . " A-floatin" is Cade's word for overflowing!!!

Well, It was back to "life" for the Allen's today. But believe it or not the kid's were ready to go back to school. They missed their friends and I think everyone was ready to get back to normal. Including me. I love time off together, but I thrive on routine, and schedules. . . : ) Ian told me this morning, they get report cards today. . .He seems to be excited about getting his. . .I hope that is a good sign. . .We will see, I guess. . .Hope everyone has a great day. . .

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