Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kingsport City on a 2 hour Delay??

Can you believe it? I am at work tonight and it has snowed ALL night long. . . It is absolutely beautiful. . . . Lisa and I have watched the internet all night. . .and we were shocked when we saw it come up at 4:30 am that Kingsport City School's are on a 2 hour delay!!! Ian has been in school for 7 years counting pre-k and has only gotten out for snow for one half day!! My kids are still asleep at this hour, but they will be so excited when they see all of this snow. . . For a night shift girl, a 2 hour delay isn't necessarily a good thing. . .it puts mom on a 2 hour delay for sleep also. . . So who knows, maybe they will just let us out of school. . . . We will see. . . . Happy Snow!!

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