Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Typical Saturday

Saturdays are pretty busy days for the Allen's. . . Ian and Macey are participating in Upward Basketball, and their games are on Saturday. . .at 2 different times. . .so we spend a large part of our day at the gym. We really like getting to watch them play though. . .this was our second week of the season and Macey had an AWESOME game today. . .She scored 2 baskets and was great at handling the ball. . We might just have a ball player on our hands. . . . Ian is the most agressive kid I think I have ever seen. . . at whichever sport he is playing. . basketball, baseball, football, or soccer. . .He loves them all. . and always puts 100% into the game. . . He had a great game today too. He scored quite a few baskets himself. After they get Ian's age. .I don't keep up with it anymore. . He is just so good on the court. . .He can keep the ball away from the best of them. . But he has to work at his shooting. . .He is getting better though. . .The funny thing about his game, was during the first quarter, the coach came over to James and asked James for a favor. He said that Ian had "dog doo" on his shoe, and requested that he take him to get it off when Ian comes off the court. . .We were cracking up. . That is what Ian gets for running through the grass when we got to church instead of walking on the pavement like I told him too. . .Anyway, after James did "doo patrol" Ian was back in action. . .Hilarious!!!
We brought Hunter home with us this afternoon. Ian and Hunter don't get to play together very often. . . and they have gotten to the last 2 Saturdays after Upward. We just let him stay and play until after Macey's game. . and then we met the Hite's at Chili's for dinner. . . We always enjoy getting together with them. . .We just sat and talked. . .the biggest event was Hunter spilling his cherry lemondade all over Christy's new jeans, and white sweatshirt. . . Tide pen to the rescue. . . Those things are amazing!! If you have kids and don't own one--you must get one. . They will remove the stain of anything. . . .(that is my Tide pen commercial)
Tonight, Kurt and Bicki, our new youth minister and his wife, invited us over for pizza and a movie. . .We went and had a great time. ..We have really enjoyed getting to know them. They are amazing people and I am so glad that we can call them our friends. Even though the movie choice was a poor one. . . ( Just kidding! Love you guys!)

The kids are so excited about our Tubing trip. . We are going tubing tomorrow with Brian and Lisa. . .and can't wait. . .I will be sure to take plenty of pictures so I can post them when I get back. We looked the ski resort up on the internet today and showed the kids pictures of what we will be doing. . .and they were all so impressed. . . Should be great fun. . I think we will freeze our tail feathers off though. . .Well, that was our Saturday in a nutshell. . . I'm tired. . .Going to bed. . .Good night. . . : )

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