Monday, February 11, 2008

My Grandmother

My dad's step mom, Margett Jewette Horne, passed away on Friday night. She was known to my sister and I as "Aunt Jewette"...I will always remember her gifts to us at Christmas...Home made crocheted house shoes, and Barbie clothes...Our Barbies were the best dressed Barbies in Kingsport... =) She was a very special lady. We will be attending her funeral today in Castlewood, Virginia. She was 75 years old. She had been very sick for quite some time. She had gotten progressively worse over the past few weeks. I don't have very many pictures of her,(I am going to look through some of my mom's older pictures to see if I can find one to post) but I wanted to put one on my blog in remembrance...The picture I am posting of her is at my Papaw's 90th birthday party in September....We were trying to get her to "smile" for the camera, so Papaw started blowing on his "party blower"...She still didn't smile too much...She just told Papaw to stop being silly....= ) Remember my dad, and my Papaw and their family during this time of loss in their lives...

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