Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"O" is for....

This post is kind of an easy one...not very emotional, or funny, or anything like that...Just simple..."O"is for Oreo, our black lab, not the cookie....She is such a good dog... She is 6 years old, and is one of the best friends the kids have...She plays with them, and watches out for them....protects them, in a way, when they are playing outside....She isn't an inside dog...I have too many people in the family with asthma to have any pet other than the lizards inside....But she is a true member of the family....We have told many stories that she was a part are a few that come to mind.....

  1. Chewing through the heat pump wiring and we had to replace it.....=(
  2. Chewing the bumper of my van
  3. Chewing the bumper of James' truck
  4. Shredding my favorite porch swing in the ENTIRE world all over my back yard.
  5. Chewing the armrest on the bench on my porch
  6. Running like a gazelle, in the horse pasture behind our house-I guess she wanted to see who was faster....
  7. Peeing all over the floor in the Vet's office-more than once.
  8. Crying all night for almost a week when we brought her home from the pound...It was like having another child.
  9. Taking her to Mamaw's house to play--her favorite place was in Mamaw's birdbath...
  10. Racing Ian all the way around the house
  11. Letting Macey ride on her back and never gets tired of the attention the kids give her
  12. Eating an entire Large rawhide bone in a matter of 24 hours..
  13. Turning her house around...the way she wants it...not the way we do....
  14. Chewing on the railing to the deck
  15. Playing with coyotes a few nights in the wee hours of the morning.
  16. Swimming in the lake(one of her favorite things to do)
  17. Eat tablescraps from our neighbors(we wondered why she was gaining wt. and the neighbors were feeding her-we had to put a stop to that)
  18. Being a wonderful companion, friend, and pet to my 3 precious children
  19. Being a protector of our home and family
  20. We LOVE you girl....

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