Sunday, February 17, 2008

Special Friends

I just posted some pictures from a Second Birthday party on my Still Moments Blog....I did this party for some family members of some special friends of ours....Travis and Diana Barr...last weekend....While I was photographing the party...I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of Diana and Brayden....Macey loved getting to see Brayden again....We hadn't seen him since he was born, and couldn't believe how much he had grown....Thought I would share a couple of pics that I took at the party....We love you guys....
Here is a pic of Diana and Brayden...He is just the sweetest little guy....I loved this picture of him...He is precious.....This is Macey's favorite...She loves this picture of her with Diana and Brayden....Macey just couldn't keep her hands off of him...She loves to be around little babies... Macey enjoying some cake with Travis....Macey went with me to this photo session for "mommy support" and she was hoping to get to spend some time with our friends....and she did both well..

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travisb said...

Love the pictures you took. It was wonderful to see you at AJ's party and Brayden really loved seeing Macey again. Don't stay away to long. Bring Macey by anytime. we love you guys.