Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ian was published....

Ian got off the bus today so excited..

He said, "You will never guess what happened!"

"What?", I said, dreading the answer...Because that statement ususally means something bad...

"My paragraph that I wrote was published in the newspaper!!", he said, as he handed me a copy of the paper that the teacher let him bring home.

"Wow..(I was shocked)...I am very pround of you, Ian...."

Ian's class partcipate in a program called Newspapers in Education. Every week of school, they are required to write a paragraph about a certain topic that they are assigned. These have the possibility of getting published in our local newspaper....and Ian's did...I am so proud...This week, was Music in Education....The question was " What does Music mean to you?"

Music means alot to me. When I am sad, music sings a song aout what I'm sad about. When I'm bored and want to have some fun or when I'm at a party, it can get a party going. In basketball, football, soccer or baseball, we will play music. If you workout, music can get you going when you run. Music can be good for memories of the past. In movies, music is good to know when something bad is going to happen or when someone is going to get hurt. Music can be used in a whole bunch of ways.

Ian Allen, 5th Grade

Jefferson, R. Gullion, Teacher

This is really extra special for Ian, because the trouble he has been having in school, is in Reading and this was a big "pick me up" for him....He started his tutoring this week, and he LOVES it...He is really trying...It is hard to believe that this is his last year of elementary school...Where has the time gone? I know lots of people have been posting about Kindergarten registration and how sad it is..and I will be sad when Cade has to go to Kindergarten..But where he attends Preschool 5 days a almost seems like he has already started school....Not going to be a very big transition for him...The clincher for me is my baby, my first born, is going to middle school....He will no longer be in elementary school...I have to attend 5th grade graduation in just a month and a half....I am tearing up as I type it...He is growing up on me...and I don't know where the time has gone.....One child going to middle school, and one going to Kindergarten...They just grow up too fast....=(


Anonymous said...

Please tell Ian "WAY TO GO" for me! I am so proud of him! That's an awesome paragraph.
Still praying for him!
Love you bunches!
christy h.

Tanja said...

Now, you know what I'm going to ask you... don't ya? You want an extra copy of the newspaper section he was published in? I saved mine for you so you'd have an extra to share with family. If I'd seen this post before church tonight, I'd have brought it then. Super job by Ian!

Cheri said...

How awesome that he got published. Great story on music!! How true it is!

My daughter started 6th grade this year so I know what you mean about the time going so fast. She is also my oldest. Boy, what a difference 6th grade is. YIKES!!
They are our babies and now they seem so old. :(

Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope to see you again!

BeachMama said...

That is a really cute photo.

And a huge congrats to Ian. That is a fantastic way to look at music. I remember getting published in the local paper way back when. It does mean so much, especially when you are already struggling (I too had trouble with writing).

And movin' on up to Middle School. That is a huge step, I will be crying that is for sure.

The Brady's said...

Cassie, that's wonderful that Ian got published, and that he loves his tutoring! Maybe his publishing will encourage and inspire! God Bless!