Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AMTC, Get Ready for Miss Macey!

On Sunday, Macey and I traveled to Knoxville for Macey's final practice for AMTC (if you click on AMTC, you can read the post about Macey's opportunity-we will be attending the AMTC convention in Orlando in July) While we were at the final dress rehearsal on Sunday, our pictures from our photo shoot were given to us...and I loved them....I thought I would post a few of them for you guys to see.....I think my little girl looks so grown up in some of these pictures....We were given quite a few different poses...but I thought I would post a few of James and my favorites.....We are now in countdown mode...getting ready for convention...making sure we have all the clothes we need, shoes, ect....and Macey is getting so excited....She did awesome on Sunday at reahearsal...I can't wait to see how well she does in Orlando...I will be sure to blog while we are everyone can keep up with how she is doing....(I had a few people ask me if I planned on taking my guys should know I don't vacation without it!!! Hee hee....)


Anonymous said...

AWESOME Miss Macey! i am going to cry! They bring tears to my eyes they are so good! She is going to do fabulous in Orlando...just one thing though...I am going to miss you guys like crazy!

love you
christy h.

Leeann said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to read all about it!

Anonymous said...

she is so beautiful! I love the last picture.....You make sure you blog the whole time, so everyone will know, what's going on....She's our next Hollywood Superstar!

Nicole said...

Macey is so pretty! I am so happy she gets to have this wonderful opportunity. No matter what the outcome of the will be LOADS of F-U-N!! love ya the shirt in the bottom picture! ;-)

Jennifer said...

Those pictures are REALLY good!
I'm sure she will do just wonderful =-)
Macey is a sweet little doll!

travisb said...

Macey is such a sweetie! The pictures are so great!

Love you guys!!