Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Opening Gifts

Tonight was Cade's choice of where he wanted to go to eat...He said McDonald's...Only a 5 year old....That was hard for me to write....5 years old....Anyway, he ended up choosing the place that has the "buckets" of peanuts (Texas Roadhouse) We had a great dinner, but Cade wouldn't let us tell the waitress it was his birthday...He didnt' want them to sing to him...It embarrasses him...So, she was nice, and brought him an ice cream anyway....

Cade couldn't wait to get home and open up his gifts...We didn't get him anything at his he would have some things to open on his actual birthday....So here are a few pics from tonight....Yes, I do make birthdays a big deal...considering this is the 3rd time I have posted about Cade turning 5....I promise this is the last one....Ha ha.... I bought cupcakes for him to have tonight...Macey, and Ian loving on Cade....Cade was loving all of the attention.....This face cracks me up...He had wanted this Kung Fu Panda!!! And was so happy to get it.....Do you recognize this "Iron Woman"? Ha ha...Thought you might get a kick out of this shot!!!


Anonymous said...

great bday for Cade. I was so glad we got to meet up for ice cream! Thanks again! It was so good to see you and your kids last night...but sad too for me. I miss my kids soo much! I hope Cade had the best birthday ever. (LOVE THE IRON WOMEN! LOL!)

christy h.

The Brady's said...

How Funny! They need to make us a mask called Sleep Deprived WOman...hahaha...He's so cute! Hopefully one day Ill get to meet ya'll!

Nicole said...

Looks like you all had great fun! It is so sad to see these little boys growing up so fast.

It was great talking to you today. Looking forward to this weekend! Hope you win tonight!!! Love ya

BethAnne said...

Ummm, is that a power ranger mask you have on there???

I am amazed at how much your kids look like both you AND James. I can totally see both of you in each of them. My kids look mostly like my husband (and everyone tells me that often).