Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AMTC, Day One

Well, this has definitely been a busy day...Our day started this morning at 7:45 am with Orientation....We had to meet in the ballroom for a "what's going to be going on this week" meeting...Directors, from all over the country were introduced, and we were told what to expect, where to go, what "not" to do...ect....

After that Miss Mace had her dress rehearsal for her swimsuit competition....(AMTC is all about promoting natural beauty, so they require no makeup, high heels, ect...especially for children....) Here she is posing it up for me....She is having so much fun with all of this....doing her thing.....Macey is just amazing me. She loves to be the center of attention...I knew that....Here she is loving on Ian....and belive it or not, he let her....; )Of course, Cade had to get a picture with sissy.....too cute....She is having to perform in front of 100's of people, and she is so positive....and doing absolutley awesome!!! She is competing in 6 different competitions while we are here at AMTC...they are Monologue, Runway, Swimsuit, Cold Read(a script is given to her 15 minutes before she competes, and she has to perform), Commercial, and Photography......So far, she has had one competition, and that was Monologue....She did great...This is where you get up on stage, wearing a microphone, and perform a one minute front of 8-10 agents from all over the the entire audience.....She had been practicing her monologue for months now...and she got up there...and blew us away!!!! You couldn't hardly even tell she was nervous....I am so proud...(We are not allowed to take photos during competitions due to security reasons, but we can during rehearsals.....)

From about 12-2, James and I switched roles....I went to the most awesome pool ever, and spent some quality time with the boys, while James went with Macey to meet with her director, and to a couple more rehearsals.....The weather has not been that great...but with our busy schedules...getting some sun time, doesn't look very promising....I am saving that for our beach vacation the end of July....But when I saw that blue Florida sky today, even if only for a few hours, James volunteered to let me "outside" with the boys....which was very much appreciated....
Cade being his normal silly self....Macey joined us after her workshops ended...She cracked me up coming off of this slide...It went really fast.....I think the toddler slide was the hit of the pool area for the Allen children...It knocked them over every time....Macey posing in front of the sprinklers.... The Gaylord is divided into different sections....Key West (where we are staying)... This is the center of the Resort right outside our wing....This is a restauraunt on the boat, the water is stock full of stingrays, and fish...Cade and Ian love it....Beautiful.....It is as if we were actually in Key West, Florida....So cool....There are other areas...The Everglades, St. Augustine...I will be taking many more resort be prepared....And this fountain is right where we get off of the elevator....These pictures just don't do this Resort justice....I will post more of them later.....
We also attended 2 seminars today concerning acting and modeling for children...Macey just loves all of this...and the great thing about this the focus on God....God has not only been mentioned in every ballroom, every seminar, and every workshop that I have attended with Macey...The very first group meeting that we attended was ended in a prayer, by Lexie Arban, who is over AMTC....I am so glad that Macey was given this opportunity...If nothing else comes from it, she has already gained so much....God is so Good.....Well, the kids have went down to the pool to swim....and Mommy needed some "blogging" time.....Gotta keep you guys updated...right? We plan on getting to bed fairly early tonight....Macey's biggest day is tomorrow....She has 3 competitions...Photography, Cold Read, and TV Commercial...So, remember her (and us) in your prayers.... I know I rambled a lot....but we are having a great time.....Lots and Lots to do....Miss you guys back home....Will post more tomorrow....Much Love...(Thanks for all the comments!!! I let Miss Macey read them, and she smiled the entire time....)


Anonymous said...

Sounds as if everything is going well. I am so proud of Macey. She looks so beautiful in her swimsuit. I just know she will be the center of attention. I can hear all of those directors talking about her now. She definitely makes an impact. Thanks for the update and we are continuing to pray for you all. Miss you lots!
Love you,

BethAnne said...

Okay, so what I want to know is: When you become the mom of a famous child actress, are you going to keep blogging for your peeps or are you going to let the 'little people' do it? :-)

Have fun!!! Dont tell me it's raining there....we leave in a couple weeks for Disney and we do not want rain!!!!!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome that everything is so Bible based!! You certainly don't find that in the entertainment industry too often this day and time.
I loved the pictures of her on stage. It made me smile.
Loved all the pictures.
Telling Macey we are cheering her on!!!

Fran said...

Oh please take me there!!! That is AWESOME!!!

And, the girl is just precious! She is just beautiful. I know you are proud. Enjoy and love every minute. Even when you are tired. :)


Anonymous said...

I know Macey is the most beautiful girl there...she has nothing to worry about! LIVE IT UP GIRL! Gaylord looks awesome! I know the boys are glad they can have some fun too. I can't say it enough, how much i miss you guys here at home but i am praying for you guys and Macey's competitions. Keep blogging (ALOT) so i can know what's going on!
love and miss you bunches!
christy h

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything is going so well. Macey looked great up on that stage! How exciting! Gaylord Palms looks wonderful. Enjoy every minute. I will say lots of prayers for her today as she has all of her competitions. Look forward to reading about it.

travisb said... sounds like you all are having an awesome time and I can't say it enough how proud we are of Macey. She is amazing...and we need no competition to tell us that. We are blessed to know that personally.

The place you are staying is awesome and we are just thrilled for you guys.

Can't wait to hear more...our prayers are with you.

Travis, Diana and Brayden