Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Almost Party Time

Today is the big day...Ten nine year old girls are coming to my house tonight for a "Scrap booking Slumber Party"...Miss Macey is so excited....It is hard to believe she will be turning 9 next week....Where has the time gone? So, I am in what we call "Party Mode" at the Allen house...That would be when James and the boys want to be as far from the house as possible, because I have LOTS of things to do!! I have to clean the house MAJORLY!! Get all the scrap booking stuff ready, make the cookie (I made a big cookie for Ian, and Macey is a chocolate lover, so she asked if I could make a big Brownie...that is my plan...we will see how that one turns out), finish the laundry, and vacuum....and last but not least decorate...We have pink everything...Balloons, streamers, plates, napkins-My kitchen is going to be turned into Scrap booking Central....I bought each girl a 12x12 frame to put their masterpiece in, after they complete their scrap booked page...I am going to take some pics of the girls when they first get here, and James is going to run them to Wal-mart and get them printed at the 1 hour photo...So they will have some pics of themselves to scrap...FUN! FUN! FUN! Macey and I have also been enjoying ourselves by making "friendship bracelets"-so we are going to share this with her friends too...Gonna be some great girl time...Well, gotta run...Lots to do...Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend....BTW, Thanks Lisa, for changing days with me, so I could do the party!!! Love you girl!!! (Pictures to come later)

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BethAnne said...

I want to come --- it sounds like lots of fun and we dont get to do cool stuff like that at my boy-filled house!!! dern.