Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lunch with a Blogging Buddy

I got the opportunity to spend some quality time with an old friend/blogging buddy today.....Bethanne(as she is known in the blogging world) and I met up today for lunch at a local restaurant (Cheddar's-yummy) We chatted and talked about our high school days, our families, churches, and of course the subject of blogging was brought up...=) I even shared with her, my very amazing skill of learning what is going on at the table behind me, and still appear to be involved at the conversation going on at my table...Ha ha...Come to find out, she has that skill too!!! Who would have thought? We spent 2 hours talking, and taking up the waitresses table...I think she asked if we needed anything about 15 times...Did she want us to leave? Good Grief! Well, as we were leaving, Beth ran into her sister, who kindly took a photograph of our "girl's day out without kids"...everyone needs a photograph of that event...if you are lucky enough for it to happen...and we jokes about her Kodak Easy Share...and "makes fun of my Nikon", I left my camera in the car...and the following pics were made by the easy share....not too shabby....Thanks for the great lunch...The time spent with a new friend, even though we have "known" each other for quite some time...I will have to agree with Beth...our outfits clash horribly...Better planning next time....(I made the above photo b/w-you can't tell about the color clashing near as much.)


BethAnne said...

Like the black and white much better - I always look better in b/w. You didnt tell me you left your camera in the car because I make fun of it --- you know I am really jealous of it, right? When are we going again and what are you going to wear?

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great luncheon! You need to do that more often! I have read her blog before....she seems like a very sweet person.

love you!