Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kids say the Funniest Things

Me: Macey, You need to get a coat...It is really cold outside this morning....
Macey: Ok, mom (she went and brought a winter coat, but it has no hood
Me: Do you need one with a hood? In case you go outside today?
Macey: Who needs a hood with this head of hair? (As she flung her hair over her shoulder and used her runway walk down the hall-giggling the whole way)
a few minutes later.....
Cade: Macey, move over...you are in my way....(in his very grumpy morning voice)
Macey: I am not in your way, Cade...(she said this gritting her teeth)
Cade: Yes, you are crazy woman! Now Move!(Yes-I did correct Cade on talking to his sister this way...but then I laughed as I walked away ;)
one more thing.....

Macey has lost 2 teeth in the last 2 days...and she has pulled them herself...That in itself is shocking....she ususally lets them fall out...but she never ceases to amaze me...So this morning...we went to see if the tooth fairy left her any money....and I saw the funniest note under her pillow.....

(A little background-She pulled her tooth yesterday at school...and the clinic nurse gives them a very cute little chest to keep the tooth in until they get home....So now...here is Macey's note)
"Dear Tooth Fairy, You can keep the tooth, but just give me back the chest....."
We were all laughing this morning...nothing like a little (or a lot) of laughter to start off our day....=) Gotta love these kids...Have a great "snowy" Tuesday....


Anonymous said...

You go Macey!! I miss them already this week! Hope you had a good night at work! :)
Love you!

The Brady's said...

Too Cute, Kids say the cutest things!

BTW..Lovin the background, and your signature is too CUTE!

Im so jealous over your's and Nickels backgrounds!!!

Nicole said...

Love the little tiny tooth chest! Davis hasn't lost a tooth since we were all at that cabin...almost 3 years ago! Last year I bought these cool glow in the dark teeth...it is one big tooth that opens and you put the lost tooth in the secret compartment and then there is a money holder in it too. I love that it is glow in the dark so the Tooth Fairy can find it easily.

Oh yeah...and I love the snowmen...you know they are my favorite.

The Pliler Family said...

Love your new background. I too like the old fashion.
Kids do say the funniest things. I remember when I was young - oh so many years ago - there was this program with Art Linkletter, then Bill Crosby called "Kids say the Darnest Things". I would just roll on the floor in laughter because of some of the things the kids would say.
Have a great day.

Lilypad Mom said...

Your kids must keep you laughing all day long.