Saturday, December 20, 2008

Candy Making Day

Our Sunday School class got together today to do some holiday "candy making". We had a blast! This was something that we just came up with last week, and decided to just do it....and it was so much fun...It is definitely going to be the first of many....a new tradition has been created!! =) I even worked nights last night, and got up after 3 hours of sleep to spend some quality time with my friends!! =) We made TONS of candy, and plan on giving it to some very special people at church....tomorrow...There is nothing like giving of your time, and your talents during this time of the year...Here are a few pics from our First Annual Candy Making Event....Christy and Emmy making white chocolate covered pretzels...yummy... James making an enourmous amount of peanut butter crackers to dip in white chocolate....

Kevin and Brian dipping all of those crackers James made....Duffer working in his very cramped little space....He was an awesome candy maker.....=)Nicole working on her candy and talking...We played a funny trick on Nicole...She had an appointment to go to, so when she got back to our house, we all Macey's room...and she thought we left her...It was SO funny!! Love you girl!Me and Lisa making the most perfect peanut butter roll EVER!! We were even nicknamed...Betty Crocker and another not so nice name, that my so called friends gave to me..=)Girls pic...Nicole, Rylee, Cassie, Emmy, Lisa, Christy, and Macey....Miss Rylee...smiling for me.Macey and Emmy making some molded candy....with the leftover white chocolate. Here is a pic of some of the candy all bagged up...Benny Cracker (Betty Crocker's brother) a.k.a. Kevin....Ha ha ha...hee...heee....was our official ribbon tier...He did a fabulous job!!! Thanks guys for a great time!!! Had by all!!! We had a great time today, and know that there will be lots of appreciative people when they get OUR candy tomorrow!!! Love you all!!!For those of you who couldn't attend today...we missed you all...and hope that you will be able to attend next year!!! Merry Christmas!

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Tanja said...

Molded candy... not to be confused with moldy candy, which would not be good at all. Looks yummy. And fun. Glad you guys had a good time!