Thursday, December 18, 2008

School Parties

Today was filled with Christmas parties for the kids...Cade got to go back to school today for the first time since Monday...He had to miss 2 days because of strep he was so happy he didn't have to miss his class party....and the kids had a great time. This was the first year that James got to go too...and he enjoyed getting to see the kids with their friends, and in the classroom...something he doesn't get to do often....Of course, we took some photos to help us remember the day.....One more 1/2 day of school, and they are out for Christmas break..Yippee!!! Cade making some reindeer food...very crafty little guy; )Posing for a picture with Mommy...Gotta love that face...He is my baby...Daddy with his boy...Cade had Santa visit his class today...The funny thing about it was, he said..."Mommy, I know that wasn't the real Santa-because he had cotten glued to his eyebrows...and they were brown underneath"...We cracked up at him....He is just too smart!On to Miss Macey's party...It is very difficult to be at two parties at the same time, but we did it...we just flipped back and forth from one to the other....Here is Macey and her best friend, Alexis....Their theme, was winter and they made snowflake ornaments and a few other "snowy" crafts....Macey thought she should wear her polar bear shirt...trying to go with the theme....Hmmm...wonder where she would get a thought like that? Macey, Alexis, and her teacher, Mrs. Moorlegen working on the silouette ornament...I love this one!!! Can't wait to get it on the tree....Sophia, and Macey making their beaded snowflakes....Macey and MommyDaddy squeezing Mace...He almost made her fall over...He loves to be a pest to the kids...and he sure does a good job of it...=)We had a great day...then it was supper, homework, and basketball practice...One more day, and we all get a break...James and the kids are all off next week...I still have to work, but I am off Monday-Thursday with we are looking forward to spending some quality time together....I love family time...We are going to be having a candy making day with our Sunday School class on Saturday..I will be sure to take pictures of that...The kids are looking forward to it, and then we are going to take the candy to some shut ins from our church...Hope everyone has a great weekend....God Bless....

James and I have some exciting news! (No, I am not pregnant!) that I will be sharing on my blog, as soon as we know all of the details....A few of you guys know what I am talking about already...but I will post about it in a few days...I am excited!!! Well, gonna hit the sack!! Good Night!


Nicole said...

Our parties are today...Duffer is there taking pictures..which could be scary. ;) I will be able to make Davis' but missing Jett's. :(

Alexis and Macey look so cute together! Can't believe they have turned out to be such good friends.

Duffer said you were a lot of help last night. Thanks!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Nicole said...

Oh yeah and forgot to mention...Duffer is at both of the boy's parties this year for the FIRST time too!!! HA

BethAnne said...

James a pest? Surely not. ;-)