Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We are headed to the Beach!!!

South Beach that is!! James and I started the South Beach Diet yesterday....We have now completed Day 2...and are doing good...I just thought I would blog about this....sort of as an accountability type of thing...No, I am not going to post my weight ect...I do plan on posting my weight loss....though...hopefully there will be plenty of that!!! =)
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My motivation is our New York Trip....which is the month of June....For those of you who don't know, Macey signed a modeling contract, and we are going to be living in NYC this summer for 6 weeks....So exciting...but I want to be in shape when we get there...Lots of walking, and lots of auditions for Miss Macey...want to look and feel my best....This is going to be a much easier road, because James is doing it with me....So, I will try to update about my weight loss once a week...just for me...=)

Getting off of here...I am so excited that my favorite TV show is back on tonight!!! I am a BIG American Idol Junkie!!! and tonight is the Season Premiere....So, let's get off of the computer and spend some time with Simon, Paula and Randy!!!!!
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The Brady's said...

Good Luck on your diet..I get some of the South Beach Diet foods for lunch for work..their really good...but my favorite is the Lean Cuisine Fetticine Alfreado (sp?)..

American Idol was awesome tonight..I loved Deanna, The Blond..She was great!