Friday, April 3, 2009

My Opinion

I have been reading some blogs, ect. concerning Christian views on the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer....and yes...I have an opinion on this subject....For those of you who haven't read the books...go ahead and hit the "x" in the upper right corner of this blog...because this little bit of rambling I am getting ready to type...won't mean anything to you...=) Just a warning...I know that there are MANY opinions out there on these books along with many other fiction books that have been released in the past....and I get tired of hearing about, here it opinion....

I began reading Twilight at the suggestion of a friend...and I didn't think anything more about it...other than it being a vampire book....Yes, I am a Christian. I love my Lord. I know what the Bible says about some of the topics that are brought up in these books...and I still read them. All four of them....And after reading them...I am still a Christian. I STILL love my Lord...and I can say that I enjoyed the books...They are fiction...plain and simple...If you google, "Christian views on the Twilight Series" wouldn't believe the things that come up....Crazy...I may be opening a can of worms here...but it IS my blog...and that is where I can voice my opinion....right? right.

I think back to the days when I was a girl...and we watched a show on tv called the "Muntsers"...Vampires, werewolfs....entertainment...fiction..not reality...I don't think that me watching Herman Munster impacted my a negative way...I know, Edward Cullen is an attractive young man...there is a difference...BUT he is a fictional character...which means...he isn't real...I feel like so many people in our society try to take things and make them something they are not....There are many fiction books, stories, movies, that we could "tear apart" and talk about the negative things in them...(I could name them-but I don't really want to go there...)

One thing that really stuck out in one of the blogs that I read was "...there really isn't such a thing as romantic love"...."Edward does everything for Bella-and young girls in our society today don't need to thing that this is the way love is...." Hmmm...Some women may not have that type of relationship with their spouse...but I do...James and I met in high school...and fell in love...even though everyone told us we were too young to fall in love...give it some time...We knew...James is such a gentleman...then...and now...He does so many things for me...from bring me home helping with the laundry...and I, in turn, love to do things for him...We are doing a Sunday School study on marriage...and I do believe in "romantic love"....I DO believe in love that can last forever....We have been through a lot in our 15 years of marriage...but with God in the center...that is how we have made it this far....I love him...and he loves me...and after reading the Twilight books...there has been many times, I have told him he is my "Edward"...and to me...that is a good thing...(He is not a vampire though...ha ha ha)

Anyway, just felt the need to get that off my chest....Fiction is purely that...fiction...I have let Macey read the books...and she has loved them...We have talked about them...and she understands many of the things I have talked about here...We all have choices that we make in life...and I don't think we should condemn others for their "book choices"....=)

***not meaning to judge anyone for how they feel concerning this subject. we all have our opinions...Just felt the need to vent....I hope that everyone takes it thay simply, "an opinion"....***


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more...They are doesn't impact who we are, or change our oppinions on our lord...Great Post Cassie!

Tanja said...

I understand everything you said. But I disagree. I haven't read the books. But I know you enough to know you are the real deal, so I wouldn't dream of dissing you for reading them as a Christian. Other great Christian friends of mine have read them, too. But the books aren't for me. I read way too much to read stuff that I don't buy into. There are too many other great books that follow my views for me to waste my time reading something that is contrary. Plus, I hate the idea of putting money into the pockets of folks who promote stuff that doesn't support my beliefs. Of course, I rent plenty of movies that fall in that category, so that's probably hypocritical on my part. But I read way more than I rent, so maybe that's why I feel stronger about books. Plus, words get into my soul deeper than images do, but that's just me. Anyway, all that to say, try not to do the very thing you don't like others doing. Don't judge those of us who take a strong stance against them. Either side standing in judgment is wrong. God knows our hearts. He's our judge. You know I love ya!

Cassie said...

Hey Tanja...didn't mean to sound as if I was "dissing those who didn't agree with me"...sorry if it sounded it that way...I wasn't implying that at all....I agree with you in part, but I also feel that we just can't pick apart everything...Thanks for your opinion though...Love ya too!

Tanja said...

I knew where you were coming from! You know I need my vents, too. That caution was for us all, including myself. Whenever I feel strongly about something, I have to take a step back so I don't get judgmental.

Cassie said...

Tanja, I always value your opinion...Thanks for commenting!!!

Anonymous said...

ok..I read the comments, and I have just one question...and Cassie you don't have to post if you don't want to...but I read this comment:

"Plus, I hate the idea of putting money into the pockets of folks who promote stuff that doesn't support my beliefs."

Does Dr. Suess fall in line with our beliefs as a christian, but many parents still allow their kids to read that? or not just Dr. Suess what about Comic books, or fictional books for children, or love stories, not the raunchy one's but like "The Notebook" or "Message in a Bottle" or Bridges of Madison County?

There are so many books bought by "Christians" that have nothing to do with "Christian Views, Morals, or Value's"

Im sure that is just a little hypocritical, and most people have these views because it's about "Vampire's" plain and simple..Sorry that's just my oppinion..

Reading the Twilight Series doesn't make my anyless of a christian than someone who doesn't read them.

The Pliler Family said...

I agree with you to a point. Some people are easierly influenced by what they read. Even though the book is fiction it can influence their thinking and beliefs. That is why Paul in Philippians 4:8,9 tells us to program our minds with thoughts that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.
However, I feel if you are strong in the Lord and have an intimate relationship with Him, it will not influence your thinking or impact your faith or trust in the Lord.

Kristi said...

I went through the same thing with some people when my oldest starting reading Harry Potter....they are fictional, just the same as older fairy tales. There are witches, fairies, magic, etc. in all those older stories. When Haley started reading HP and Twilight, some people thought I was a horrible mother because I bought them for her. She hasn't cast a spell or bit anyone yet! It's fiction....and I am ok with it.

Tanja said...

Whoo buddy! Is it okay to comment again, Cassie? Sorry. But because it was specifically brought up, no, actually, I don't spend money on love stories... unless they are written by strong Christian authors and usually bought at a Christian bookstore. But that is just my preference. I never said that someone reading the Twilight series, or Harry Potter, or stuff by Nicholas Sparks, was less of a Christian because of their choice of book. In fact, I said I wouldn't diss a Christian for reading them. To borrow from another comment: "Some people are easily influenced by what they read." That's me. So I have to be selective about what goes in. Read Romans 14, especially verses 2-6 and 13-14, 19-20 and 22-23. I just can't say it better. I understood where Cassie was coming from all along. She knows I wasn't being critical. Allison, you don't know me well. If you did, I believe you would not have taken offense. Romans 12:18.

Cassie said...

Thanks to you all for your comments...I appreciate everyones opinions,and we all have one...and that's okay...I am not going to post anymore comments on this u guys-but didn't mean to upset anyone...Thanks and have a grea weekend!!God Bless!!!

tidymom said...

I love your post and agree 110% and people who haven't read it, just don't understand! - I think in a weird way, it made me a better person during and after reading them- it certainly made me more aware of my love for my husband, and while I was reading them I was in such a "warm & fuzzy" place - I was always in such a good mood! the books made me feel good.


Leeann said...

Wow. I'm scared to comment.
I've read everything by this author and I was completely oblivious that there was any drama surrounding her or her writing.
It is fiction.
Pure and simple.
Honestly, I love that they have to show such self control in their relationship. I'm much more likely to allow my children to read this (in a couple years...Bay is still too young IMO), because I know that it is more about the emotional connection between the characters...not physical.