Thursday, July 30, 2009

Check it out!!!

I was just checking my email and recieved an email from AMTC (Actor's, Models and Talent for Christ) that told me to check out their I did...and guess who was on the front page!!! Miss Macey!!! Way to go Sis!!! Be sure to check it out!!! God is SO Good!!! We are so proud of our little model...and God has been right along with us the entire way....check it out

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote...

Carey, Hi!! I am emailing you from New York City…Macey and I have spent the past 6 weeks in the city, and have had a blast!!! She signed with FFT models and has spend her summer going to auditions and go-sees…We have been so blessed by our time that we have shared together in the city…Nothing like some one on one time with your daughter…and we feel like she has done SO well….She has booked three jobs so far-and is on hold for a couple more….She booked with Children’s Place, Scholastic’s Parent Child Magazine, and Toys R Us…She is actually at her shoot for Toys R Us right now…We are already considering coming back in the fall, and definitely next summer!!!
As a family, this was a huge desicion for us…I have 2 other children, and had a part time job…We began this journey one hundred percent in prayer…I have prayed about finding an apartment, travel arrangements, and getting a leave of absence from my job….which ended up not happening…I know you recieve lots of emails from many people, but I just want to share how God has worked in our lives….I have been truly blessed-daily. To know that we have been in God’s will has been so amazing….My manager wouldn’t grant me a leave of absence, after telling me for over 6 months that it would NOT be a problem…I began to wonder, is this God’s way of telling us to stay home? or is it God’s way to tell me to “get out of my comfort zone” and trust Him…Rely on Him…I am assuming you know the answer…I decided to turn in my notice, and trust in Him…it is scary to do something, in faith, not knowing the outcome, or where I was going to work after we return home….but I did it…
Now, after spending six wonderful weeks in NYC, I can see why He wanted us to take this journey…Not just for Macey-and for her to pursue her dreams-which we def have done….but for us to learn to depend and to rely on Him…It is easy to rely on Him, when you have no one else…My husband, and family were back home, and we did this alone…with God on our side…Macey and I spent many nights together in prayer, and Bible Study…We found a wonderful church that we attended every Sunday while we were in the city…and even if she didn’t book a single job…we now know that God wanted this for us…He wants us to share how he can be there for us…no matter the circumstances…
And get this, after quitting my job…my vacation time was cashed out-and given to me-which was EXACTLY enough money to cover us financially while we were in the city…The past couple of days I began to worry about finding a job when I get home….(I am an RN-so the needs are there) Knowing, I shouldn’t worry, I should begin praying-which I did…Yesterday, I recieved an email from a friend, who is a manager in the local hospital-offering me a position-that pays more than the last job I had, and the schedule is very flexible-which would allow for Macey and I to come back to the city next summer!!!!She said to call her when I get home and we will discuss the details…. Our God is SO Good!! =)
But I just wanted to share with you…and let you know that we feel so blessed to have been a part of AMTC…Without you guys, Macey never would have had the opportunities that she has had…You guys are awesome…and to base everything on God and his love for us…Amazing….Thanks so much…Will keep you updated on Macey and her “journey”…God Bless….

We are continuously amazed by his guidance in this journey, and will continue to turn to Him in ALL things.....

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Phillipians 4:13


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Lisa said...

I checked your blog and I SCREAMED!!!!!!!!! That is awesome! God is so good. I am so proud of you Macey. You have gone global girl! Way to go! She is so beautiful..inside and out! Love you guys!

Love ya!