Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cade is so sweet

Today Cade was watching Animal Planet and the Crocodile Hunter was on. He remembered that we talked about him dying while we were at the Sting Ray pool at Sea World. He said "Is he in Heaven Mommy?" I told him that if he had Jesus in his heart he was in Heaven. He was really quiet for a few minutes and he came and sat on my lap and said , "Mommy, I prayed to Jesus for him, and told him I hope he was in his(Steve Erwin) heart". So Sweet. Cade has been asking lots of questions lately about Jesus being in his heart, if he will "feel" him when he is there, and if he will be able to "hear" him in his heart? The Faith of a child is so real. . .Just thought I would share. . .

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