Monday, August 6, 2007

First Day of School

Ian and Macey started school today. Ian is in the 5th grade and his teachers are Mrs. Guillon and Mrs. Carroll. He was really happy with his teachers. They are team teachers, and he will have one for part of his classes and the other for the rest. I think this will be really good for Ian because it will help him get ready for middle school.

Macey got Mrs. Keyes. She is new at Jefferson this year. She graduated from college last year, and is so sweet. Macey loves her. The only thing Macey isn't happy about this year is that her class is in the modular unit in the back of the school. She was a little unsure about this, but when I picked her up this evening. . .she was good!

It is hard to believe that school has already started. .My kids are growing up too fast!!! Mr. Cade starts school on Friday. . . That will be a very difficult day for mommy =(

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