Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ian's 10th Birthday

Ian had his "Best Buds" over for a sleepover to celebrate his 10th birthday. Hunter Hite, Tyler and Tanner Holt, and Alex White came over and we took them all to see UnderDog. After the movie everyone came home and had pizza, and then went outside to play kick the can until midnite. . . The kids had a blast playing outside with flashlights. . .even my biggest kid, James. . . He almost injured Ian and Cade though. . .At least it was our own kids instead of anyone else's.

Ian Cheesing for a picture right before we cut into the Cookie Cake. . .
The whole gang with their cool Head flashlights that James got the kids when we went to the beach. They were crab hunting flashlights!! Yeah, I know, CRAZY!! James is funny that way!! The kids thought they were really cool though. . .and they worked great for the game.
Alex, Ian, Tanner and Tyler sitting at the table eating breakfast. . . Everyone had a great time. . They are getting ready to go outside and pass some football one more time. . . School starts Monday, so they will all see each other lots more in the next few weeks. . . Thanks guys for making Ian's birthday one of the BEST!!!! Happy Birthday Ian!!

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