Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ian's Birthday

Ian celebrated his birthday last weekend with his friends. . but today is his actual birthday. . He turned 10 today at 6:16pm. . .We took him shopping for his gifts and he wanted to eat at Texas Roadhouse. He wanted an 8 0z. steak!!! And ate the entire thing!!! He was so full--he didn't want any of the chocolate sunday that they brought him for his birthday. . . I just wanted a picture of him "acting like" he was enjoying the ice cream. . this is what I got. . . So, we let Macey have the sunday. . and she didn't have any problem giving me a happy face while eating it. . . She is the ice cream lover in the family=)We bought most of his gifts at his favorite store EVER---Hibbett. He wanted Under Armor shirts and socks. . . You know your boy is growing up when he asks for socks for his birthday!!!!=) We had a great day today. .Love you Ian!! This was our attempt of getting of pic of James and I ONLY with Ian. . . since it was his birthday. . .anyway . . .as you can see. . .Mr. Cade wouldn't have it!!!! Ha ha

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