Monday, September 10, 2007

Doin' D.C.

We had a great time this weekend in Washington spending time with my sister and her family. After we went to Arlington Cememtary on Saturday, we came home and crashed from all of the walking that you have to do while in a BIG city. . . We got up on Sunday, got ready and headed off to the Smithsonian Museum. Cade was so excited about getting to see all of the Dinosaur Bones. . . and the animals in the Mammal section of the Museum. We spent a couple of hours there, grabbed a bite to eat at T.G.I. Fridays where we did get the waiters and waitresses to sing to Kristie--because Sunday was her 30th Birthday!!!! How does it feel to be 30 Kristie???? We helped Ali get the little ones back to the car, fastened them in their car seats, and then it was back to the Verizon Center to see American Idol on Tour!! I saw this concert last year--and this year was SO MUCH BETTER!!! We had great seats!! AND I got to take my kids. . .Ian and Macey have never been to a concert before. . So this was a first for them. . We stood in line to get our concert t-shirts. ..and then we made it to our seats. . .they had a blast. . Singing. . .Dancing. . .and of course yelling until we were hoarse for who else but BLAKE LEWIS!!!! =) It was SO much fun. . . But all good times must come to an end. . It was back to reality for us. .I took the kids out of school today, because we would have never made it home in time for them to go to school. . .So everyone is absolutely wiped out. . .When we got home from our trip, Ian had a football scrimmage, Macey had play practice (opening night for the play is this weekend) so they are all in the bed and ready for school in the morning. . .

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