Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Banner

You know that you have a problem with Photoshop when you are SO excited over making a blog banner!!! I researched and found the right sizes, and have been working for the past 2 hours!!! Believe it or not. . . making the PERFECT banner for my blog site. . . Ask James--he is sitting here beside me watching his Dallas game on Tivo. . . Anyway. .I am so proud of my work. . . even if I do say so myself!! Hee hee. . .Now to work on a new banner for my Still Moments Photography site. . . =) I wanted my blogs to be unique. And now they are !!! Yippee!! I know--I know--It doesn't take very much to make me happy!!! Photoshop, new shoes, and my laptop. . . Have a good night. Here is a scrapbook page I created with both of them on it. . . Love it!

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