Thursday, September 20, 2007

Scrapbook pages

I have had a few days where I could work on some scrapbooking . . . just thought I would post a few. . .thanks for the "telephone" lesson Kristie. . . love ya. . . especially for the "Grandma's Pudding"--perfect for Papaw's pics. . . This picture is from Ian's football season last year. . . I am so bad. . not done anything with them until this year . . Oh well . This is Ian and Hunter, and I loved this shot. . . Cute layout too!!!Cade had Grandparent's day at school last week and this was the craft that he made with Mamaw and Papaw. . . I scanned it, and put it onto the scrapbook page. . .Once again, thanks Kristie for giving me the idea to scan it. . . I thought this one was really cute too. . . This scrapbooking thing is really addictive. . .I can't seem to get away from my 'puter (as Cade says)

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