Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wildcats Football

We had our first football game last night against the Lynn Garden Lynxes. Go Wildcats!!!!The boys played an awesome game! Ian and Hunter both had some great runs, and the team as a whole just has improved so much over the past few years. We won 24-7, and the boys were all pumped up after the game!!! Great game guys!! Football is the sport of choice around the Allen household, so I guess our season has now officially begun =) I better not forget to say "Great coaching job, Coach Allen!!" =) Here are a few pics of some serious Wildcat fans!!! Ian Allen's number 1 fan--Macey Allen!!Ian Allen and Hunter Hite's fan club!!! Cade Allen and Walker HIte!! enjoying a sucker during the game!! They are so good together, and had a great time just talking and watching the game.

Martha is holding Walker, and Christy's Daddy is watching the game also!!! They acted as if they didn't know I was taking this pic, but they did. .More of Hunter's fan base. . .Nicole--Davis Carter's number one fan!!!! Go Davis!!Here is Miss Rylee. . .who decided she wanted to go with me tonight. . . which absolutely made my day. . . I had to do some sign-ups for parents, but Rylee wanted me to hold her. . .=)She is such a sweetie. . . already a football fan, and only 2 years old. . . =)

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