Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bojangle's Boberry Biscuits

Many of you have already heard this story, but one of my friends from work thought I should post this story on my blog. So here goes. We have been having some difficulty with Ian and the "cleanliness" of his room. A couple of weeks ago, we were in his room feeding the lizards, and I noticed the sleeve of his Under Armor shirt sticking out from under the bed. Hmmmmm. . .I thought, I hadn't seen that shirt in a while, I think I will look under the bed and see what else is under there. Would you believe that there was 19 articles of clothing under the bed???? Yes, that is correct. 19!!! Dirty underwear, shirts, Khaki pants, empty coke cans, water bottles, ect. Needless to say Mom went C-R-A-Z-Y!!! Yelling and trying to make the point that underneath our bed is not a place for dirty clothes and trash. . . I tell this story to make this next part make more sense. Two days later, ONLY TWO days later---Macey was in the need of a pencil for her homework.(Pencils are so very hard to find around our house, even though Mom has desigated a specific place for them--No one seems to listen) Ian told her to look in the top drawer of his dresser. She opened it and to her surprise found 2 Boberry Biscuits that were hard as petrified wood!!(James had bought the kids some of these biscuits back in July-if that tells you how old these biscuits were!!!) So Mom went off the deep end. . .telling Ian how we would have rats, cockroaches, and all kinds of pests due to his Nastiness!!! My plan is to take Ian's beds off of the bed frame. .Mattresses on the floor. . .take his drawers out and place them downstairs for him to go and get his clothes out of the basement. I don't know if I will actually do this, but I did make the threat;)Just part of the joys of being a mother to boys!! Gotta love them!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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