Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cade's Fall Family Night

Cade had Fall Family night for Pre-K tonight at school. It went on at the exact same time as Ian's TJ singers concert. So we opted to let Macey be the fill in "Mommy". : ) She was happy with that. She saw Ian's concert today at school, so she was fine with going to Cade's little event. She is so thoughtful and loves to spend time with her little brother. Papaw and Mamaw went by to visit with Cade after Ian's concert.They had different little stations set up for the kids to do, and Macey helped Cade along the way. They got to watch a little video that Mrs. Fuller made for the parents to watch. Cade loves Mrs. Fuller--giving her a hug.Macey said it was sad. . and Mrs. Fuller told us she would make us a copy of it to watch. Here are a few pics from the night. Cade was so glad to see Mrs. Price again. . .She came to the event tonight to see the kids one last time. This is Mrs. Fuller's assistant in the classroom. Her name is Mrs. Kerns. Cade loves her too!

This is Cade's new student teacher, Mrs. Duncan. Her first day was Thursday. Cade likes her already!! She is too sweet.

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