Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I love Fall. . .

I was thinking of reasons that I love the fall season. . .here are a few of them.
1. I love the perfectly BLUE sky! Words can't explain it. Our God is an awesome God.
2. The color of the leaves--beautiful oranges, rusts, browns, and yellows.
3. The crispness of the air-when you take a deep breath and the air fills your lungs.
4. Wearing my new flair legged blue jeans (that were only 12 dollars at Ross!)
5. My Danskos ( the most comfortable shoes EVER!)
6. Hoodies
7. The crunching sound of the leaves under my shoes.
8. Football, stadium blankets, and coffee
9. Sleeping when the air is cooler
10. Coffee
11. spending time with my kids in the leaves. . . such fun!

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