Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beth Moore Bible Study

I have been doing this Beth Moore Bible Study for the past 5 weeks at chuch. I have gotten so much out of this class. I have always wanted to do a Beth Moore Study and have SO enjoyed doing this one. In the beginning of the class, I didn't think it pertained to me, but during the course of the study, I realized otherwise. Satan is always trying to seduce us, and we need to be prepared by staying in God's word and praying. I feel like this study has helped me get back into the daily routine of spending time with my God. Talking to him. Growing to love him more everyday. It makes me think back to the Chris Tomlin concert on Thursday--How Great is Our God. . . He longs for us, to love him, to put him first in our heart and lives and He is the Creator of the UNIVERSE!!! and he wants a relationship with us! So hard for our minds to comprehend. . or mine anyway. . . On the close of this Sunday night--this was something I wanted to share. Good night.

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