Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Parade

Ian, Macey and Cade were in the Kingsport Christmas parade today. . . They are all going to be in The Best Christmas Pageant--and the Theatre Guild decided to put a float in the parade for advertisement. . . for the show. . .Anyway, the kids were so excited to actually "be in" the parade. It was really cold today. . .Everyone had to bundle up! Here are a few pics from the day.Ian and Cade sat together on the float. Cade thought he was a big boy riding the float without Mommy or Daddy. . . Macey sat with her friends. . .She loves the friends that she has made at the theatre. Here is a picture of the float while we were getting it ready. James and I helped put the signs up and the pretty red shiny fringe. . .that the cold wind was blowing like crazy!!Here is the banner that the girls carried in front of the float. . .It was so pretty. . and all of the kids had t-shirts for the play too. . Really uptown this year!!My friend Heather, and her hubby. . .getting ready to watch the parade. . . Here they are waving to the crowd. . .Cade looks like he has done this before! He is such a cutie!! Ian Too!
Macey doing her pageant wave. . She is so funny!James and I posing for a picture. . .Ok James--give me the camera back. . enough pics of me. . Watching the parade together. . . . Walker and Cade. . . after Cade got off of his float. .. He was so excited to see his friends. . .Ian and Hunter. . . Macey posing for picture with Mommy. . . She had a great time on the float. . She said she saw lots of her friends. . .Christy and Me. . . with Mace on my lap (keeping me warm)This picture was funny. . .Kevin and James. .they laughed at me for wanting to take their picture. .. . They said there would be NO cheek to cheek photographs for them. . . That is why they are laughing. . .Had a fun day. . . We were going to sit with The Wallen's too, but they had sat at the beginning of the parade and we had to sit near the end, so we could get the kids off of their float. . . . We text messaged each other during the parade though. . .She let me know when she saw the kids. . . Love you guys! We had a fun day. . . I have been editing pictures all evening. . .I am just about caught up. . .Can't hardly hold my eyes open. . . Good night. . .

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