Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

After all of the drama with our lizard dying. . . We finally went out to celebrate Halloween. . .We visited some of our family members, and then we went to our church for the "Sweets, Treats, and more!" at our church. The kids had a great time at church--it was a huge success! We had planned on taking the kids trick-or-treating afterwards, but they wanted to stay at church the whole time instead. . .so we said " SURE!" Here is my group of Cuties!!! Ian is dressed up as a bank robber(He is too cool to dress up as anything major this year-We were lucky to get him in anything)Macey is Hannah Montana--"Sweet Niblets!!" and Cade is a Wer-Wer wolf(that is what he called it!) Here is Ian posing with his money sack. . .getting ready to make a get away with his stash of goodies!!!!! Hee hee!Of course you can't miss Miss Hannah Montana!! Macey thought she was IT with her boots, wig, and all of the make up she was wearing. . She said, "Mommy make sure you cover up all of my freckles--Hannah doesn't have any freckles you know" And last but not least my little "cary" Wer-wer wolf. . . Cade wanted to be something scary this year. . . He loves to watch Goosebumps(a show on Cartoon Network with his Bubby and Sis). He is going to take after me and daddy--Loves Scary stuff!!!! He is so funny. . .The first time he tried this costume on--he ran down the hall to Ian's room to look at himself in the mirror--and scared himself!! He cracked up over it afterwards!!We went by Mamaw and Papaw Allen's house first. . . Papaw gave all of his grandkids a big ole' hug!!! Mamaw Allen got her pic made with each of the kids. . . Then we made a stop at the Horne's house. . .and they posed for a shot with the grandkids too!!!Mamaw and Papaw also posed with me!! Hee hee. . . We went by Great Grandma Ramey's house next. . .She is my Mamaw, and she is 96 years old. She is so sweet. . . Then James took a pic of me with her!!
Then off to church we go. . There were so many friends here. . The kids had a blast! Here are a few pics of the Horne family. . . Some good friends of ours. Macey was in "love" with Daniel when she was about 2 years old. . So this is a sweet little pic of Daniel hugging miss Mace. . .Mr. Will looked so handsome as Buzz Lightyear. . .To Infinity and Beyond. . . Miss Tina and Bryson the Bumblebee. . . He looks adorable!!!!This is Cade's good friend, Kenny. They are in the same pre-school class. . . They have gotten to be very good friends this year.The Hite's and The Allen's. . . Hunter, Emily, Ian, Macey, and Cade. . . posing for a pic for me. . Macey and Miss Allie. . .She looks so cute!!!!!
Walker and Cade. . .The Best of Friends!!! Love to see them hug each other. . .they are so sweet!!!! I told you I would post this pic of you on the internet Barb!!!!! Love ya!Macey and her Best Friend from school, Alivia McMullins. . .Macey took one of the flyers to school and invited Alivia. . . Too cute. . Christy giving Macey a hug. . and posing for a pic for me. . Thought I better post a pic of Daddy...Sharing a hug with his oldest son... the Bank RobberThis is our Worship Pastor, Brian Sharp, playing the bagpipes--yes he is wearing a kilt. . .and the man in the white shirt is our pastor, Roy Graves. . . manning one of the game booths. . .We had a great time at church. . . spending time with all of our friends. . and of course getting lots of candy!!!! Good Night. . .

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