Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kids say the Funniest things

These are a few things that the kids said this week that cracked us up. . .

"Mamaw? Can I have some grapes?" Mamaw places some grapes on a paper plate and hands them to Cade, " I don't want that plate! I want a plate with walls!"
Ha ha ha ha
"Mom! You have to see this van! It is Awesome! I saw the commercial on TV and it has a Game room in it!!! Can you believe that?"
"What kind of car is it, Ian? I asked.
" A Dodge Caviar!!! It is so cool!" ( I was cracking up at this point--Dodge Caravan--Ian is a little embarrassed because we were at Mamaw's house on Thanksgiving when he said this in front of everyone. . . . )
"Mom, don't put that on your blog,"Ian said. . . .
"You know me too well my child," I said smiling--already thinking about blogging this one. .

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