Thursday, November 15, 2007

Too cute?

I haven't posted about our lizard family in a while. . . We mourned and were saddened by Lenny's death, but we did get the opportunity to adopt his brother. Ian named him Ollie (after his part in the Best Chistmas Pageant Ever). Ollie and Sparky get along very well. . .we have read up on Beardies and how they interact together ect. and one of the things they do to keep warm is to lay together. . . They are the cutest things. . .(Did I say that lizards are cute??? I hate to admit it, but I love these little guys--and I do seriously think they are the cutest things. .)I said You can really tell our lizards love each other, because they are always together. . : ) I know I have lost it. . . .But anyway, here is a picture of them together, Ollie is the one on the bottom. . . I know it looks like a questionable position--but remember these guys are only 11 weeks old. . . Too young for what you are thinking about!!!! Get your mind out of the Lizard Gutter! Hee hee. . .

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