Saturday, November 10, 2007

We are the Champions!!!!!

Today the Wildcats played the Raiders for first place in the Championship game at Dobyns Bennett. . . We won 20-6!! The boys were so excited to get to play on DB's field. . . Ian had a really good game. . He scored a touchdown, and lots of great tackles. The entire team played so good--they gave it 100%! I took a ton of pics from the game. . . but decided to mostly post some Post Game Celebration pictures! The boys dumped water and Gatorade on James after the game was over. . .Blue Gatorade. . . They were so excited that they weren't thinking that perhaps the blue Gatorade might stain. . . James didn't care. He has his sweatshirt at home soaking right now. . . Don't want to ruin that Wildcat sweatshirt. . . : ) James is planning a Football "Get-Together" in a week or so to give out trophies, and CELEBRATE our championship!(They were giving trophies out of the back of a UHaul truck--I guess that only happens in TN--"Please meet at the UHaul for Trophy Presentation"--Hee hee. . . ) We have lots of good friends on our team. . .So we will miss hanging out 3 days a week with them! Here are a few pics from the night. . . Boy was it cold!!!! Ian running a play--Got lots of great pics of him with my new zoom lens!!!Here is a shot of Ty Fuller, Noah Absher, Davis Carter, and of course--my Ian!! They are so excited! Noah's mom brought big cookie for a "little" celebration right there on the field. . . Here is the Wallen gang--Duffer, Nicole, Rylee, Davis, and Jett. . . Proud Parents!!!
Cade is ready to play football!! He can't wait until he is big enough to be out there on the field on his own team. . . and show em' what he is made of. . . : )
Papaw Horne sat with Mamaw in the van and the end of the endzone. They didn't want to sit out in the cold and freeze like we did. . . so they watched from the comfort of the van. . . Papaw even blew his horn when Ian scored his touchdown. Jett and Cade--Big Buddies. . . .
Proud Mommy with her Super Star!!!! Great Job Ian!! I Love you!!!
Here is Ian with Tanner and Tyler Holt. . .
Here are our good friends the Hite's. . .Kevin is one of the Super coaches of the Wildcats!!! Great Job coaching Kevin!!!! Hunter had a few great runs too!!

I do have a few more pics to post from tonight, but I had to go to work(where I am now--you know you are addicted to blogging--if you blog from work : ) and I can't upload pics while I am here. . .Will do that sometime tomorrow. . .
We love our Wildcat family. . .but all good things must come to an end. It is sad to say this will be our last year as Wildcats. . Because next year Ian moves up to a different age bracket. . .So sad. . . We only have one more year of Boys Club Football--then Ian will be playing for Robinson. . . .I can't believe that. . . I guess we will start all over with Mr. Cade. . .Because he will start flag next year. . . I guess the motto for the Allen's could be, " Are you ready for some football?"

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