Sunday, December 2, 2007

Final Performance

I know I have posted probably one too many times about this play. . .but this is the LAST one!!! I promise!!! My good friend, Sarah came to this performance but she was out the door before we got to take a picture of her. . . The kids did great today. .I think they get better every show. . .We have made lots of lifetime friends while being a part of this theatre group. The cast was awesome. Ian and Macey have mixed feelings about the play ending. . .but Cade is glad--he is EXHAUSTED!!! and Grumpy!! Here is a picture of the final Curtain call--everyone giving their last bows. . . presenting the director with her gift. . . and the flowers that James and I got for Miss Mace. . . We got the boys games instead of flowers. . and Ian was so excited to get NCAA 08 for his PS2. . .: ) We had promised Cade a gameboy game all week if he obeyed and did what he was supposed to. . .and he did great . . .Until next play. . .

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