Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weekend Performances

This weekend was the last of the performances of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. . . Last night our friends the Hite's came to watch the show. . .We didn't go to this one, but we met up with them after the show. . . and then to O'Charley's for an "after show" dinner. . . The kids were starved!
Tonight both sets of grandparents came to watch the show. . .They were so proud of their grandchildren. . . During the show, Cade saw Mamaw and said"Over there is my Mamaw!!" Everyone in the audience laughed. . . Too cute. . .Mamaw Allen hasn't missed a play. . Even though she is in a wheelchair, she LOVES to watch the Allen clan perform on stage. . .Who knows? We may see them on the Big screen one day!!! Great Job guys. . .and our good friends, Brian and Lisa Salyers and their son Landon. . .Love you guys!Ian was so excited to see Landon after the show. . .He is so cute as a Herdman. . .Tough!!It was a great show tonight. .The kids just get better each and everytime they do the show. . .Only one more to go and this one will "be a wrap". . .Here is a picture of Ian's sister, Macey, and his "sister", Gladys(in the show : ). Gladys is Heather's daughter. . . and here is a shot of Henry and Heather. . .I didn't get a pic of them posing with the kids. . but I did get a picture of them before the show. ..I told you I would put you all on my blog. . . Love you girl!!! My Theatre junkie friend!!!!! And last not least a Picture of the Allen family. . . That is 2 very proud parents of a Herdman, a Baby Angel and last but not least a sheep. . . Great job guys. .We love you so much and are so proud of the AWESOME performances you gave the last week. . . It takes lots of hard work, time, and commitment. . .and you gave it all three. . (even Cade) We love you!!!The kids are already talking about auditioning for the next play. . .I am glad they love the theatre so much!!!! But I am thankful for having the next month or so off. . . Good Night. . .One more show tomorrow. .

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