Monday, December 17, 2007

Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend. . . We did lots of Christmas shopping, watching Christmas movies on TV, and just spending some time together with family and friends. We even took the kids ice skating at the Ice Rink at Bristol Motor Speedway. Lots of fun. . . Even though my ankles were really sore when we got finished. (camera phone pics)I skated, but James didn't-he was afraid that he would hurt his back(it has been bothering him the past couple of weeks) Cade did really well, considering he has never been on skates before. .He has roller skated, but never on ice. . .He fell alot, and was soaking wet when we left. . but he really did awesome. . .He is a little dare devil--no fear at all!!!! On Sunday, Ian and Macey and I did some Christmas shopping for Daddy, and for their teachers. We split up and Cade went shopping with Daddy, and we went together. We had fun just looking in the stores, and running all around town, while it was snowing. . . Such a GREAT time to go shopping. . .We had quality family time : )

Just an update on James' mom-She was discharged home this past week. She is doing much better considering her situation. She isn't having chest pain anymore, and she seems to be in much better spirits. Continue to remember her in your prayers, because she still has a long way to go. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and emails. James and I really appreciate it. . .

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