Thursday, December 13, 2007

TJ Singers Christmas Concert

Ian had his second TJ Singers Concert tonight. It was their Christmas program. They looked so handsome in their dress shirts, and black pants, with their red bow ties. I never thought I would see Ian wearing a bow tie. But he did and did't complain at all. . He had some friends and family that came to see him sing. They did a great job. Papaw and Mamaw Horne came to see Ian. Martha, Larry and Christy, and Emmy came to see Hunter. Proud Grandparents sitting here with us. . . : )Here is a picture of me and Cade. . . Cade saw this performance once today while he was at school and told us all about it before it started. . . He is such a big boy. . .Marissa used to be Ian's "girlfriend". She isn't anymore, but Cade is in LOVE with her. . . She always gives Cade hugs, and talks to him at school. He says that she is his girlfriend, not Ian's. . . Too funny. . .Here is a picture of Marissa picking Cade up and giving him hugs. . . . after the show. Here is Papaw and Mamaw Horne with Ian and Cade. . . Ian looks so cute in his bow tie. . . Ian's friends, Tyler, Lorenzo, and Hunter after the program. . . .(they always include Cade--so of course he is in the middle)

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Nicole said...

That is so good...I signed a paper for Davis to be in the chorus at Washington (can't remember what it is called now) but somehow he managed to weasel his way out of it. I was so disappointed!