Friday, December 28, 2007

Hungry Kids?

Last night we decided to eat dinner out. . . We had to make a trip to Ben Franklin to get the things to decorate my lantern that James got me. . (which I finished last night. . I will post a pic of it shortly. . . LOVE IT! ) Since we were going to the Church Hill area, we decided to eat at Fatz Cafe. The kids love to eat there because of the bread. . . So we did. . .I was cracking up at how much they ate! We worked around the house ALL day. . . got the Christmas tree down, all of the outside decorations up and packed away, all of the inside decorations up and packed away, and even started cleaning . . . I plan on finishing this project today. . I am a little OCD, or James says crazy, when it comes to putting up Christmas stuff. . .When Christmas is over, I am done with all of the decorations. . So I am so happy to sit in my den, and it be clutter free, seems so much bigger with the tree down. . . .Back to my story-Macey is our little picky eater. . .ususally doesn't eat much. . But last night she was wolfing down her food, and everyone else's. I got soup and salad, and didn't finish my soup. Cade got grilled cheese, and chicken noodle soup(his favorite meal in the world) but didn't finish his soup either. . .so here is Macey-Eating my soup and Cade's. . .after she had finished her cheeseburger. . . Of course once I pulled out the cell phone to take a picture. . the boys were like "Take a picture of us too mom!!!" So here is one of the boys. . .laughing at how much Macey was eating. . . We had a nice dinner. . .It is sad to see how much the kids are growing up. We used to sit at the table and feel like referees, and now we actually have conversation. . and laughed together. . . Good times. . .Love you guys!

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Nicole said...

Okay my feelings are hurt that you didn't come and visit... :( At least your referreeing days are over because that is all we did last night at the restaurant before you all got there!!! Very stressful! Now I remember why we don't go out to eat often! Love ya!