Friday, December 21, 2007


Here is Milly. . . . Yes, you can say that we have absolutely lost our minds. . . : ) Who is Milly you ask? It is our cat. I will rephrase that last statement. It is Macey's cat. James had promised Macey a kitten for her birthday in September, and she wrote the following letter to Santa this week at school. . .
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a kitten because I was going to get one for my birthday but I never did. I also want a Nintendo DS and a Wii because my friend has one and it is really fun! I want one more thing, a good working camera from Target. Everything else is ok, but I just want these few things.
Now I just want to tell you what Christmas means to me, It doesn't just mean Santa or Presents or parties, it means Jesus Christ's Birthday and his birth. Merry Christmas.
Macey Allen
Well, after reading this note, James told me that he plans on getting her a kitten before Christmas, because he wants Macey to know that when he makes her a promise-he means it. So, James' co-worker happens to have two kittens, and he gave one to us last night. For those of you who know us well, James is extremely allergic to cats in an enclosed environment. He had cats growing up, but they were outside. . .which is exactly where this one is going to be living. I am NOT a cat lover. . .by any means. . .but Macey is happy, and as long as she is taking care of it. . .I don't care. .That is where my entire family is right now. . downstairs in the garage playing with Milly(Macey named her that-kind of cute, I think) and I decided to get on the computer. . : ) to blog. Imagine that? We plan on letting her stay in the garage downstairs for a few nights, and then let her go outside. . . Here are a couple of pictures of Milly's first night at the Allen's. One thing that Ian said that I thought was funny. . . "Mom, it is so cool that we now have 4 PETS!!!!!". . . I don't know if that is cool or just plain dumb on our parts. . . ;-) Oh well, they are only little once. . .James keeps reminding me of that one. . . We have been a little sentimental this Christmas. . . realizing how fast our kids are growing up. . .

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