Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas with the Allen Family

We celebrated Christmas this morning with James' family. James' sister Michelle and her husband, Jamie got to come in for Christmas. They have lived out of the country for so many years, that there haven't been many Christmas's that they have got to spend together with the family. So it was a blessing for them to be here. The kids all had a blast playing outside together, and all 12 grandchildren in one room opening their gifts was a little overstimulating. . =) Mamaw and Papaw Allen were so happy to have all of their grandchildren together to celebrate Christmas. The family is so blessed to have Mamaw Allen here, and doing so well. She has had a rough couple of years, with the stroke last year, and then the heart attack a few weeks ago. . . Christmas seems to have a different meaning when you have faced so many difficulties. The "things" don't matter so much. It is the true meaning you think about-Jesus, and what he does for us on a daily basis. The blessings he bestows on us, the families that we love so much. The precious time that we have with our loved ones. Renee, me, Michelle, and Teresa. . .Michelle's family. . .Jamey, Canyon, Jayden, McKenna and Michelle. . . Our family. . . .Renee, Malachi, Marcus, Kevin, and Micah. . . Putting all of this in perspective, the gifts tend to be moved to the bottom of the list. I think our children really understood that today. They had such a great time with their cousins, and families. The gifts were fun, but not the "best" part of the day. The memories that they will have will last forever. Although blogging does help stimulate memory. . .=) (will post pics later-I am blogging from work)

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